Dexter Gore Jr

Black Migo dex, which is known as famous dex, is known to great music with each passing album. The successful name was made in a brief period with famous and great songs. Famous dex net worth is something to be wary about with current success.

The music made by the artist is very catchy, and the multi-talented rapper has made a name for himself. High dex net worth is doing justice to this current skill as well. We inevitably would disclose more about the man, stay till the end.

Famous dex early life
Famous Dex

But it would be of great aid to know some of the quick facts!

Famous Dex: Quick Facts

Full Name Dexter Gore Jr
Date of Birth 1993/09 /06
Nickname Famous Dex
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Chicago
Ethnicity Afro-American
Nationality American
Net Worth $700,000
Parents Dexter Gore Sr & Pamela Winters
Profession Rapper
Children 3
Height 6′

Famous Dex Net worth

Famous Dex’s net worth is estimated to be $750,000. The multi-talented individual has made all of his net worth from the rap as well as well applauded music.

The rapper has made a mark with his albums. Undoubtedly the net worth of the rapper will surely go up in the future. It can be said looking at the spectacular success of the man.


Dexter Gore, Jr., AKA famous dex, was born on 6th September 1993 in Chicago, USA.  The name of his parents is Dexter Gore Sr. and the mother being Pamela winters.

Dexter Sr. was a US army lieutenant, and the mother winters was a waitress. The childhood of the star was a bit tough due to having 12 siblings around.

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The rapper, however, grew up in Englewood, Chicago, and liked to play basketball in his school days. The performer attended the Catholic school in Hyde Park. The completion of the study there made him join Hernandez middle school as well as Paul Roberson high school.

Age and Body Measurement

Dex was born in 1993, which makes him 26 years old. The artist weighs 72kgs with a height of 6′. The man belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity.

The man’s appearance explains that he is fond of tattoos and shows up on the jewelry as well.


It may come to a lot of people as a surprise, but famous dex started as a dancer in a friend’s music video. It was later in 2013 when the rapper realized and started making his own music videos.

The artist started by remixing famous songs like Kobe and Try me. The new remixes made the man a bit popular in the eyes of the public. The proper name and the taste of success made the artist release the debut album Bottle to Bottle.

The change in the career came in 2015 when dex mother passed away due to breast cancer. Surprisingly the year started with lots of songs naming Never seen it coming in June, followed by Dexter’s laboratory in October. The serial releases made the artist way above his expectations.

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The other successful mixtapes were Drippy with the famous single Drip from my walk, #ohhmanngodddamn. The class of the man was studied by Rich forever music and got him signed.

The association with the brand brought three mixtapes Heartbreak kid, Dexter: The robot, and Different. The performer further released his studio album Dex meets dexter, which came out in April 2017.

The other associative albums that came through the ranks are Read about it, Rich forever 3, and 4. All these albums surely have played a vital role in increasing the image as well as the value of the artist in the eyes of the fans.

Personal life

The rapper’s personal life is not much good and well going as the music is making the mark on the world. Dex is in a relationship with the girl, Baby mamma.

Famous dex spouse
Famous Dex with family

The couple is blessed with three children. The two of them are daughters and the third one being the son born in 2017. The couple is not in a functional relationship space. It is because, in 2016, dex got arrested for beating up the lady.

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There are rumors that the couple got separated after the beating of Mamma. The man was taken in XXL custody and also served well. The main reason to be the ways has surely termed violence.

Social Media Presence

Instagram– 4.3 million followers

Twitter– 1.02 million followers

Youtube– 667k followers

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