Ezra Miller Partner

People are curious to know about Ezra Miller partner, as the Flash superstar has come out as gay in an interview.

American actor Ezra Miller is famous for his good works and wrongdoings. Afterschool was a 2008 film that marked the feature film debut of the actor, who uses the pronouns they and them. Aside from these critically praised films, they also appeared in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and We Need to Talk About Kevin.

They were scene stealers in Amy Schumer’s comedy Trainwreck. Similarly, they were cast in the role of Barry Allen/The Flash in 2015, and the renowned superhero made his debut appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

They returned as heroes to the Justice League in 2017. The standalone Flash film starring Ezra is set to be released in November this year.

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He has dated several blonde beauties in the past, but like many of his contemporaries, he has never been able to maintain a relationship with any of them.

Ezra Miller Partner: Is the Actor Dating Anyone?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower star Ezra Miller is most recognized for his roles in Justice League, The Greatest Showman, and the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Despite his outstanding resume, nothing is known about Ezra’s love life.

Ezra’s proclivity for dating people who aren’t well-known is one of the reasons he can keep his romantic life hidden. He has, however, dated a few celebrities in the past. The following is a detailed list of Ezra’s dating history.

Ezra Miller Partner
Ezra Pictures With His Previous Partners (Source: YouTube)

Before becoming well-known in Hollywood, Ezra Miller was rumored to be dating Esther Wald in 2006. Because Ezra and Esther were not superstars at the time, it was difficult for the media to gain access to their private life.

Ezra Miller has been linked to another attractive girl, Zoe Kravitz. The two performers first worked together in the 2010 film Beware the Gonzo, and they reconnected for the 2016 film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Previously, Miller was engaged to Erin Urb; however, things didn’t work out between the duo. Similarly, Ezra Miller had a brief romance with Lauren Nolting. Professionally, Ezra’s then-girlfriend is a photographer.

According to Creeto, Miller and Nolting started their romantic relationship in 2011. However, the former pair only sustained together for a year. Thus, in 2012, they parted ways.

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A rumor has been circulating since the beginning of 2016 that Ezra and Shailene Woodley are a thing; however, the duo neither publicly acknowledged nor refuted the story.

Ezra Miller Came Out as Queer: What Does That Mean?

When we hear about Ezra Miller, one of the first things that come to mind is the rumor about his sexuality.

Many sources have reported Ezra to be gay, and his dating girls is his means of dispelling the gay rumor. However, some of Ezra’s admirers believe this and wonder whether it is true.

However, the speculation became true in 2012 when The Flash star came out as Queer in an interview with Out magazine

Although Miller was okay with the label “queer,” he disapproved of it in 2018. Moreover, he didn’t want to be identified as a man or woman and explained that he barely identifies himself as a human.  

Ezra Miller Queer
Ezra Miller Showing His Queer Side (Source: Pink News)

It is necessary to acknowledge that his thoughts on being a queer guy, sexuality, and prior suffering allow us to understand how magnificent he is as a human being.

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This is one of the most intriguing aspects about Ezra Miller as an actor, and it isn’t just because of his sexuality but also because of the characters he prefers to play in the films he enjoys.

Ezra Miller’s nature is so simple to love because he is so confident in his ability to embrace a twisted and intricate character in his persona, that of a human being.

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