Ethan Quillen

Ethan Quillen death occurred after he came into contact with a downed power line during his response to a call.

The Paw Paw Fire Department is in grief at one of its own death. According to authorities, the fireman contacted a fallen electricity wire on Wednesday.

Ethan Quillen, a loyal volunteer fireman and loving Father, died from a fallen power line on Wednesday night.

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While a wintry combination of sleet and ice covered the area, Van Buren County was one of the hardest-hit counties in West Michigan. A Paw Paw firefighter was killed overnight after colliding with a fallen power wire.

Who Was Ethan Quillen? Paw Paw Firefighter Killed

Ethan Quillen, 28, was a volunteer fireman, a husband and Father, and a Marine who had worked up to Lieutenant with the Paw Paw Fire Department since 2019.

The event occurred at about 5:42 pm Wednesday in Almena Township’s 42000 block of 30th Street.

Ethan Quillen
Ethan Quillen With His Wife And Children (source: Moodyonthemarket)

Flags are flying at half-staff, and a monument has been erected in front of the Paw Paw Fire Station. It contains flowers, a cap, and a pack of smokes for the fireman, who his coworkers will undoubtedly miss.

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According to Chief DeGroff, the event was not anyone’s responsibility. He stated that the initially fallen powerline had been repaired when a tree brought down a higher voltage line and that nothing further could be done.

“You know, we’re so lucky to have the folks we do, and you know they don’t expect anything in return,” he remarked. 

“Their joy comes from assisting another family or assisting wherever we can without being compensated. We don’t want or seek press…Ethan was an example of the Paw Paw volunteer Fire department.”

The Fire department set up a GoFundMe Campaign to assist in gathering funds for his wife and children.

Ethan Quillen- Death Cause And Obituary

As of Thursday morning, an ice storm has knocked out power to nearly 200,000 Consumers Energy customers. According to authorities, the incident happened at 6:30 pm on 30th Street near Red Arrow Highway in Van Buren County.

The Paw Paw Fire Department reports that Quillen was transferred to Bronson Hospital, where he died. Quillen made no mistakes. According to Michigan State Police, a branch fell on the line as he was standing nearby.

Ethan Quillen
A makeshift memorial for Lt. Ethan Quillen outside the Paw Paw Fire Department. (Feb. 23, 2023) (source: Woodtv)

On Wednesday night, officials gathered on John Street to commemorate Quillen’s life. On Thursday, a monument was erected outside the Paw Paw Fire Department.

Quillen’s friends and relatives gathered at the monument Thursday to lay flowers near his boots, cap, and jacket, which is folded and bears his name.

As of Thursday morning, an ice storm has knocked out power to nearly 200,000 Consumers Energy customers.DeGroff confirmed the identification of the suspect on Thursday morning deceased fireman.

According to State Police, Quillen is survived by his wife and a small child. According to Fire officials, he was a United States Marine Corps member.

“On February 22, 2023, a loving husband, Father, son, friend, marine, and committed fireman died in the line of duty. He died protecting and serving those he vowed to protect and serve.

Ethan Quillen, a firefighter, will be remembered for his unending love for his wife and kid. For his devotion to his nation and society. “Ethan was unselfish, compassionate, loving, hardworking, and so much more,” according to the fundraising website.

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