Erin Marie Moran

Erin Moran, a popular American actress who has made a name for herself for Joanie Cunnigham’s role. The talent of the actress is undoubtedly in the minds of all the movie lovers. Erin Moran’s net worth is undoubtedly on the higher side due to such a successful and illustrious career.

Erin Moran is the actress whose career began at the age of 5. It surely suggests that how prolonged and successful the job was. However, there are surely many ups and downs to it. So, buckle up till the end to know more.

Erin Net worth
Erin Moran

But before directly entering into the life of the lady, let’s know some quick facts!

Quick Facts

Full Name Erin Marie Moran
Date of Birth 1960/10 /18
Nickname Erin
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Burbank, California
Profession Actress
Siblings John Moran & Kelly Moran
Height 5’3″
Weight 56kgs
Death 22nd April 2017
Education Reed Junior High School
Net worth $50,000

Erin Moran Net worth

The net worth of Erin Moran was $50,000. Erin made the overall net worth from her acting career as well. Before the demise of the actress, the net worth surely went into the treatment and curing of the disease as well.


Erin Marie Moran AKA Erin Moran was born on 18th October 1960 in Burbank, California. The actress had six siblings, and she is the second child. The name of her parents was Sharon Moran and Edward Moran.

Erin Moran Net worth
Erin Moran

Although the American actress was born in California but was raised near North Hollywood, Edward was a finance manager. She also had a brother named John Moran and a sister named Kelly Moran.

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Erin attended Reed Junior High School before moving to the north of Hollywood. The educational background regarding the shift is not known to the general public.

Career Of Erin Moran

When the future is termed to be bright, then the signs are seen from early childhood. Most readers may not be aware, but Erin started the career at the age of 5. Sharon, the mother, saw the skill set in the daughter and went on to establish a meet with an agent.

In 1965 at the age of 5, when she met the agent, the start to the top had already begun. The first act the lady performed was surely in the advertisement genre.

The stepping stone was the first federal bank advertisement, which made her the child sensation in acting. The child artist featured in the series  Daktari as Jenny Jones.

The show was an American drama that aired on CBS. The big-screen status came simultaneously when the actress bagged the role alongside Debbie Reynolds in How sweet it is (1968).

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The stairs of the success went on and made various appearances in the TV series as well. Some of the famous names were The Don Rickles Show, Family affairs, my three sons, And Eddie’s father’s courtship.

Rise To Prominence Of Erin Moran

People recognized Erin, but the most significant break and stardom came from the 1974 series Happy Days, where Erin was playing Joanie Cunningham. The show went on to 10 seasons, and there were lots of awards gains as well.

Erin Moran went on to win Best young actress in a new television series. The role of Joanie was in the play, but the tides went on to feature in the Joanie loves Chachi until it got canceled in 1983.

When the happy days were over, the actress turned to do some movies as well. Sadly the same charm didn’t transpire there, though.  The other TV series where the artist appeared was Murder, She Wrote, The love boat, etc.

The need to be in the movie was also there, and the film was giving the contributions in The Waltons, Galaxy of terror.

Personal Life Of Erin Moran

After such an auspicious, happy days career, the artist struggled to get functional roles. The lack of involvement in acting led the artist to depression as well. In 1987 the star went on to tie the knot with Rocky Ferguson.

Erin Spouse
Erin Moran and steven

The lack of media coverage lately resulted in no in-depth information about the marriage as well.  After being happily for six years, the couple filed the divorce and finally made way for themselves.

After the divorce, Erin went on to marry a man named Steven Fleischmann. The couple was happy with each other, and the marriage lasted till death in 2017.

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The financial crisis hit the couple had in 2010, and they went on to live in a trailer home in Indiana.

Death Of Erin Moran

One of the most notable losses in the entertainment industry is Erin Moran. On the beautiful morning of 22nd April 2017, the performer was found dead in Indiana, the USA, at 56 years.

The autopsy report later showed that the reason being stage four throat cancer. Also, there were rumors of narcotics being the reason for death, but more afterward, there was no result of it a well.

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