Eric Andre Brother

Although there is no information or public knowledge regarding Eric André brother, the absence of such details often leaves people curious.

Eric Samuel André is a multifaceted American entertainer widely recognized for his contributions as a comedian, actor, host, writer, producer, and musician. 

Born on April 4, 1983, he achieved immense popularity as the creator, host, and co-writer of the wildly surreal Adult Swim comedy series, The Eric André Show, which has captivated audiences since 2012.

Alongside this groundbreaking venture, he has left a lasting impression with his portrayal of Mike in the FXX comedy series Man Seeking Woman from 2015 to 2017. 

Additionally, André lent his distinctive voice to the character Azizi in the 2019 remake of The Lion King. He also showcases his musical talents under the pseudonym Blarf, demonstrating his creative versatility.

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Eric Andre Brother: Is He Related To Andy Samberg?

Eric André and Andy Samberg are distinct individuals with different backgrounds and careers. While both André and Samberg have appeared on The Eric André Show, they have no familial relationship. 

They have pursued their respective careers independently, showcasing their unique talents and contributions to the world of comedy and entertainment.

Eric is best known as the creator, host, and co-writer of the surrealist comedy series The Eric André Show, which has aired on Adult Swim since 2012.

Eric Andre Brother
Eric Andre at 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards (Source: IMDB)

Apart from his show, André has made notable appearances in other projects, including his role as Mike in the FXX comedy series Man Seeking Woman and as the voice of Azizi in the 2019 remake of The Lion King. 

On the other hand, Andy Samberg, born David A. J. Samberg on August 18, 1978, is an American comedian and actor.

Samberg’s notable works include his time as a writer and cast member on Saturday Night Live, where he and his group popularized the SNL Digital Shorts. 

Eric André Sister And Siblings Explored

According to Earn The Necklace, Amy Andre, the older sister of Eric André, is a passionate LGBTQ+ activist who actively advocates for the rights and visibility of marginalized communities. 

As a bisexual, biracial, African-American Jew, she embraces her multifaceted identity and works tirelessly to raise awareness about the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

With an MBA and a Master’s degree in Sexuality Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, Amy has a solid academic foundation to support her activism.

Eric Andre Brother
Eric Andre with his Mother (Source: Instagram)

She has shared her knowledge as a speaker at numerous universities, engaging with students and educating them on the issues she is deeply passionate about.

Amy’s expertise has also led her to participate in panel discussions on news networks, amplifying her advocacy on a broader platform.

Her contributions have extended to serving on a federal task force in collaboration with the office of the Surgeon General, where she provided valuable insights and expertise to shape public health policies.

Who are Eric Andre Parents?

Eric Samuel André was born to his parents, Natalie and Pierre André. Natalie, a native of New York’s Upper West Side, is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, while Pierre is an Afro-Haitian immigrant and a psychiatrist by profession.

After their marriage in Orange County, New York, the André family relocated to Florida, where they have been residing ever since. 

Growing up in West Palm Beach, Eric identifies proudly as both black and Jewish, embracing the rich cultural heritage inherited from his parents.

Natalie André, a New York native born on November 30, 1944, dedicated herself to activism upon settling in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

As a member of the Florida National Organization for Women (NOW) division, she campaigned for comprehensive sex education in schools. 

Eric Andre Brother
Eric Andre and his father (Source: Instagram)

Natalie’s advocacy extended to her involvement in Palm Beach County NOW, where she served in various leadership positions, including a brief tenure as a membership chair for Florida NOW. 

Pierre André, born on December 15, 1946, pursued a career in psychiatry after immigrating from Haiti. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Dr. Pierre André is a professional psychiatrist affiliated with the Delray Medical Center.

Eric André’s parents, with their diverse backgrounds and contributions to their respective fields, have influenced his upbringing and fostered a strong sense of social justice within him. 

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