Norjuma Habib Mohamed Wikipedia

People have searched for Norjuma Habib Mohamed Wikipedia as the high court has declared her bankrupt. Find out more about her circumstances and personal life.

Entrepreneur Norjuma Habib Mohamed was declared bankrupt by the High Court in this city today for failing to pay Famous Up Entertainment RM260,400.

During the hearing of a creditors’ petition submitted by the business in October of last year, assistant registrar Siti Zulaikha Nordin @ Ghani entered the bankruptcy order.

During court procedures, Muhammad Hassanuddin Roslan, speaking on behalf of the Company, informed reporters that Norjuma had been declared bankrupt by the High Court.

He claimed that Norjuma was advised of this morning’s hearings at 9 am but failed to appear and that the court was also aware of the situation.

Because she refused to pay the creditor’s petition settlement, the court declared her bankrupt.

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Entrepreneur: Norjuma Habib Mohamed Wikipedia and age

Famous Malaysian celebrity entrepreneur Norjuma Habib Mohamed is from. On October 4, 2022, Fame Up Entertainment filed a bankruptcy notice against her at the Penang High Court, bringing her to the public’s attention.

Prominent Malaysian businessman and TV host Norjuma Habib Mohamed. On November 5, 1980, Norjuma was born in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Norjuma Habib Mohamed Wikipedia
Image of Norjuma Habib Mohamed (Source: Azhan)

As Fame Up Entertainment filed a case against her, she became the limelight. In addition, Norjuma Habib Mohamed hosts TV shows.

She attended Malaysia College and is a Muslim. She is ethnically Malaysian.

Moreover, lately, she has attracted much attention for her case and was declared bankrupt this morning.

For the record, in 2019 and 2020, Fame Up Entertainment sued Norjuma twice for defamation.

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Norjuma Habib Mohamed husband and family

Entrepreneur Norjuma Habib Mohamed from Malaysia has become well-known due to her current legal dispute in which Fame Up Entertainment made her famous.

As she removed her personal social media accounts and other platforms, much more information about his family is unavailable online.

She is allegedly the Sultan of Brunei’s legitimate wife.

Norjuma Habib Mohamed Wikipedia
Norjuma Habib Mohamed with her husband (Source: Negaramerdeka)

All of the world’s leaders and their people have nothing but praise for the Sultan of Brunei.

Unfortunately, Norjuma, who is already well known for his attitude, ego, and preference for oppressing the less fortunate, is linked to the Sultan of Brunei.

He already thrives on secrets. Even though NORJUMA is the sultan of Brunei’s legally recognized wife, it does not matter if the worst happens as long as one truth can disprove all of Norjuma’s charges and slanders.

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What happened to Norjuma Habib Mohamed?

Norjuma was not at home, according to Fame Up’s attorney Muhammad Hassanuddin Roslan. Thus it was impossible to serve her with an arrest warrant.

In an interview with Harian Metro Online, he stated, “We will request a fresh date to serve the warrant to her.

We can also provide it to the authorities, who can use it to assist in locating her.

Fame Up is suing Norjuma for slandering them in the print media and is requesting RM260,000 in damages and an apology.

Norjuma Habib Mohamed Wikipedia
Norjuma Habib Mohamed (Source: Bawalaidijuma.wordpress)

Norjuma had been advised of this morning’s hearings at 9 am but did not appear, according to Muhammad Hassanuddin Roslan, the Company’s representative.

He also claimed that the court had been made aware of the situation.

According to Muhammad Hassanuddin, the Shah Alam, and Kuala Lumpur courts would continue with the arrest warrant processes.

“We think that the ruling handed down by the court today demonstrated that Fame Up Entertainment’s legal and ongoing processes were correct.

Hence, he stated, “We hope Norjuma would refrain from making any false claims, especially given that it concerns legal procedures.

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