Enrique Tarrio parents

Enrique Tarrio parents immigrated to U.S. from Cuba. Tarrio was born in the U.S. and was a former Proud Boys member.

Enrique Tarrio is a far-right activist and the former chairman of the Proud Boys who was recently convicted of seditious conspiracy for his involvement in the 2021 United States Capitol Attack.

Tarrio was born in Miami, Florida, and is 39 years old. He is sentenced to 22 years in prison for his role in the 2021 violence attack.

But it is not the first time he was sentenced to Jail, he was also convicted of theft and has spent months in Prison, probation and Community service.

Tarrio was the Proud Boy’s chairman, a member of a far-right group founded in 2016 in New York City. The team regarded them as Mr. Trump’s foot soldiers, and they often were involved in street clashes and violence.

Many other people were also arrested for committing the 2021 Capitol attack. Let’s look at Enrique Tarrio’s personal life, parents and family below.

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Enrique Tarrio Parents: Mother Zuny Duarte And Father

Enrique Tarrio is the son of mother Zuny Duarte. There is not much information available about his father.

According to GhBase, Tarrio’s parents are Cubans but later moved to the United States because of the political tensions in Cuba at that time.

The family immigrated to the U.S. and began living in Miami. According to the sources, Tarrio’s father was an automobile mechanic.

Furthermore, Tarrio’s mother worked in import and export logistics. Tarrio’s family got divorced when he was just eight years old.

Enrique Tarrio parents
Enrique Tarrio’s parents are initially from Cuba. (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

According to the Miami New Times, Tarrio’s mother was never a very political person. But Enrique somewhere got him into politics and made himself involved in the violence and fights.

But Tarrio’s parents are shocked and saddened to learn about their son’s involvement in brutal attacks. Tarrior’s mother is sad and in tears after hearing her son’s conviction and being sentenced to prison for such a long time.

Enrique Tarrio Siblings

Not much information about Tarrior’s siblings is available, but sources suggest he has two siblings, a brother and a sister.

It seems Enrique’s siblings prefer staying away from the spotlight as limited information about them is available.

Sources suggest that Enrique’s siblings are not involved in any Politics. The recent court decision against Enrique has affected his siblings a lot.

Along with Enrique’s mother, his sister and fiance were also present in the court, and they asked the judge for leniency.

It seems Enrique has a good relationship with his siblings, but his participation in violent acts and politics has affected his entire family.

Enrique Tarrio Partner And Loved Life

Regarding Tarrio’s love life, he was married in 2007 when he was just 17. But later, he separated with his partner in 2013.

There is no information available about his ex-partner. At present, he is engaged, but it seems there is not much information revealed about his fiance and the pair’s relationship.

Enrique Tarrio parents
Enrique Tarrio was previously married. (Source: BBC)

But after the court announced its decision in September, along with Enrique’s parents, she also asked the judge for some considerations to the charges.

Enrique’s fiance said in court that she wants to build a family with her partner, Enrique and such a decision can directly affect their ambition and dreams of building a family in the future.

Overall, Enrique Tarrio was convicted of guilty for being involved in the  2021 U.S. Capitol attack. At the court, Enrique feels guilty and ashamed of himself. So, he might have realized his mistakes, and maybe he will move forward in the future.

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