Emma Long Boyfriend Colin Stough

Fans and followers believe Emma Long boyfriend, Colin Stough, is one of the frontrunners for the crown of American Idol after the outstanding audition. 

Will the country artist be crowned the winner of American Idol?

Colin Stough, aka Emma Long’s boyfriend, is a 19 years old country singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

The younger country singer is auditioning for season 21 of the American’s finest show, “American Idol,” and has featured in the February 19 premiere.

And fans and followers believe American Idol may have another country frontrunner after witnessing the outstanding vocal talent of the young artist.

According to the sources, Emma Long’s boyfriend, Colin, was born in 2005 in Amory, Mississippi, United States. But the young artist graduated in a different city after his study movement.

Further, when we dive into the details of American Idol’s newest edition, we can’t miss talking about the frontrunner for the crown of the show, Colin Stough.

Unfortunately, more is needed about young country artists in the public domain. Still, researchers are working to establish details on Emma Long’s boyfriend.

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Emma Long Boyfriend: Who is Country artist Colin Stough?

Emma Long’s boyfriend, Colin, is an aspiring country musician and musical artist who has been casually showcasing his skills through his social media handles.

The 19 years old artist has already impressed the judges with his vocal talents, and people outside believe there’s much more to go.

As per the sources, after the audition, Emma Long’s boyfriend is one of the frontrunners to crown as the winner of America’s finest show American Idol.

The artist has accepted that his mother signed him up for American Idol.

And after Colin’s audition, his mother revealed that her son asked for his first guitar when he was 5, and he’s been playing ever since.

Judges found the performance of Emma Long’s boyfriend was real, raw and humble.

Emma Long Boyfriend
Colin Stough In American Idol 21 During Audition. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, all the judges believe Colin is a simple man, and his simplicity has helped the country singer to sing in a gravelly, deep tone.

Further, Colin revealed he has grown up without his father in a house with his mother, stepfather, and two dogs.

Emma Long’s boyfriend, Colin Stough’s biological father, was a drug addict and alcoholic and, fortunately, split away with his mother.

The young country artist has been through a lot, and he is still an adolescent and has much more to go on his life journey.

Relationship Timeline & Dating History Of Emma M. Long With Colin Stough

The fact that Colin Stough is currently dating a beautiful lady might break the hearts of thousands of female fans and followers out there witnessing the young star in American Idol.

According to the sources, Colin has been happily dating alluring Emma M. Long for a couple of years.

Emma Long’s boyfriend has been sharing a close-knit relationship with his long-time girlfriend and has even shared pictures of each other on social media handles.

Colin has been dating Emma Long since high school, where she cheers the artist from the stadium at football games in school.

In 2021, Emma Long boyfriend, Colin, posted a sweet tweet on his Twitter, writing about her, stating, “Your the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. I love you, Hunny.”

Emma Long Boyfriend
Colin Stough And Emma M. Long. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, little is available about the relationship timeline of Emma Long with Colin in the public domain.

Further, the relationship history of the young country artist has yet to be published anywhere, but Colin is in a happy and thriving relationship with alluring Emma.

The singer and the outstanding artist don’t have any past relationships.

And because Colin is pretty young to have relationships, it’s unfair to speak about someone’s dating history without clear proof.

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