Elijah DeWitt suspect

The incident of the high school shooting of October 2021 again gathered the limelight after Elijah DeWitt suspects were extradited to Georgia for a court appearance.

Elijah DeWitt, the 18-year-old high school football player, was found shot in the parking of Sugarloaf Mills Mall just outside a Dave & Buster’s store on October 5, 2022.

According to the parents of Elijah DeWitt, their kid was a sweet giant on the football field at Jefferson High School with a dream of playing professional football.

And reports suggest Elijah DeWitt suspects in his murder, who are also teenage kids, were arrested by Police two weeks before in Anderson County, South Carolina, United States.

Before identifying shooters, Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office didn’t know that Elijah DeWitt suspects would be two kids.

As per analytics, the murders of the 18-year-old football player or just Elijah DeWitt suspects in his murder are now in the Gwinnett County jail until the court concludes on a verdict.

Till then, the case is still in processing, but some crucial details are published about Elijah DeWitt, suspects in his murder & other personal details of the young kid.

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Elijah DeWitt Suspect: murderers In jail or Out In Bail?

Elijah DeWitt, 18, was shot and killed on a date with his girlfriend of more than four years age difference outside of the Sugarloaf Mills Mall in Georgia on October 5, 2022.

And after an investigation, South Carolina Police Department identified Elijah DeWitt suspects in his murder in just two days.

The day after the shooting, Chandler Richardson, 19, and Kenmare Bryan, 18, were arrested from Anderson County, South Carolina, hiding in a safe House.

According to the internal source, Police had identified the pair last year just two days after the murder. Still, Elijah DeWitt suspects were arrested last week with a gun in possession.

The suspects were extradited to Georgia & made their appearance in court to answer to charges of felony murder & illegal weapon possession.

And sources suggest a grand jury indicated Elijah DeWitt suspects Kenmare & Chandler on one count of felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Elijah DeWitt suspects
Elijah DeWitt’s Murder Suspects. (Source: Fox 5 Atlanta)

During their appearance in court, A Gwinnett County judge told Elijah DeWitt suspects: “Do you know what this means for you? You’re going to be here for a while.”

So for now, the pair is serving jail time in the Gwinnett County Jail until the next court date & verdict from the grand jury who are decisive of the felony murder.

Investigators believe DeWitt physically fought with Bryan & Richardson just a day before the shooting, as doctors discovered marks on the star footballer’s body.

Bailey Reidling, 20, the girlfriend of the murdered teen, verified that DeWitt might have known the suspects after meeting them just a few days earlier at the Dave & Buster’s.

Bryan and Richardson approached DeWitt after he entered the entertainment eatery to inquire if he had any marijuana & allegedly shot him.

In conclusion, Elijah DeWitt suspects are in jail waiting for a final verdict & Judge believes the pair shall have an extended vacation in the local county jail before their case gets a date.

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Bailey Reidling: Girlfriend & Case Witness Of Elijah DeWitt Shooting

Elijah and Bailey Reidling were out on a romantic date when he was brutally shot in a hotel parking lot. They had a close to five-year relationship and cherished each other significantly.

Bailey Reidling reported that on October 5 at the Lawrenceville Sugarloaf Mills Mall, the longstanding couple visited Dave & Buster’s.

Reidling claims that despite suffering, she will pardon DeWitt’s murderers following the footmarks of his parents.

Elijah DeWitt suspect
Elijah DeWitt’s Girlfriend. (Source: New York Post)

Elijah’s heartbroken girlfriend said, “Elijah was a sweetheart, and he would have forgiven them in whatever scenario.”

Moreover, the lady said, “And, I must also forgive them as Elijah would have done, even though it might seem he wouldn’t because he’s a frightening player.”

“There is a voice in my heart that tells me to. I don’t harbor any animosity toward them. But Anger? Yes.”

Speaking with a media House, the heartbroken lady doesn’t care what others call her, but she believes half of her soul has left her with the death of more than her boyfriend, Elijah.

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Elijah DeWitt’s Family: Meet Dawn & Craig DeWitt

According to the sources, the murdered teen, Elijah DeWitt, was born & raised in a Christain family in South Carolina, United States.

The family of the 18-year-old dead boy, who has been heartbroken, has amassed colossal attention & sympathy from people worldwide due to the recent arrest of Elijah DeWitt suspects.

The young man was an incredible character who loved everyone around him but was unfortunately shot dead on a date night.

Elijah DeWitt suspect
Elijah DeWitt’s Family. (Source: 11Alive)

 As per reports, Elijah’s family members are identified as Dawn (Mother), Craig DeWitt (Father) & Delaney DeWitt (Younger Sister).

Further details about the DeWitt family are in the discovery phase, so please stay tuned to remain updated.

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