Edi Villalobos Jr

Edi Villalobos Jr, a murder suspect, allegedly escaped the courthouse before being discovered hours later hiding in a closet. Read this article to learn more.

An Oregon murder suspect is seen on courthouse security footage racing away from bailiffs as they unchain him in court, as state law requires, before fleeing the scene and sparking an extensive manhunt.

The trial of 28-year-old Edi Villalobos Jr., who is charged with murder and several other charges, was about to begin when he was expected to enter the courtroom.

Instead, as shown on tape, he fled down the hall and out an exit reserved for employees. Although the incident occurred on February 28, the sheriff’s office only made the video public on Thursday.

According to a statement from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, according to Oregon law, the deputies freed Villalobos of all shackles during the jury selection procedure.

“The court adjourned about 11 am, and Villalobos’ shackles were reapplied. Following the break, deputies once more freed Villalobos of all constraints in accordance with Oregon law.”

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Edi Villalobos Jr, Murder Suspect Escape Oregon Court

A defendant is shown fleeing from a courthouse in the U.S. state of Oregon on recently released footage just seconds after sheriff’s deputies have freed him from his chains.

One officer takes off Villalobos’ wrist and leg cuffs, following the rules for the court hearing. The murder suspect shot through the door unblocked by law enforcement.

Given that Villalobos Jr. managed to elude capture for a two-hour search, the escape attempt might be considered marginally successful.

Edi Villalobos Jr then slides between two desk chairs and exits the courtroom through the door. Nobody is standing in the way of the door.

Edi Villalobos Jr
Murder suspect Edi Villalobos Jr escapes Court (Source: Meaww)

The video then depicts Villalobos evading the two officers as they pursue him through two doors and several passageways. September is the new date for his trial.

He also has first-degree burglary and second-degree escape charges. A voicemail message left for his court-appointed attorney requesting comment wasn’t immediately returned.

According to Sgt, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is evaluating the event. Danny DiPietro, a spokesman, will employ training to address the lessons learned.

The two officials who were Villalobos’ security detail are still on the job.

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where is Edi Villalobos Jr now?

After a local called 911 to report a stranger trying to get into an apartment, the perpetrator was eventually apprehended.

Police discovered Villalobos hiding in a closet and under a blanket in a stranger’s residence two hours after his escape.

Villalobos was discovered by deputies hiding in a closet and a blanket after they had entered the residence, according to the sheriff.

Edi Villalobos Jr. wasn’t adequately tied to prevent an escape, which confused several viewers.

Edi Villalobos Jr
Murder suspect flees courthouse (Source: Oregonlive)

According to a law in Oregon, defendants must not be restrained in courtrooms while procedures are taking place, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office noted.

He was apprehended without a hitch and returned to the Washington County Prison. According to sources, Villalobos was charged with fatally stabbing two persons on April 10, 2021.

He now faces three new felonies: two for further felony burglaries, one for evading arrest, and charges for second-degree murder and unauthorized firearm use.

Although the incident occurred on February 28, the sheriff’s office only released the video this week.

On March 21, Villalobos will be brought before the judge for a status hearing.

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