Dr Jeff Rocky

To those familiar with the vet doctor, Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Cancer battle and how he struggled to fully recover is an inspirational story.

A doctor is always a respectable job. The respect provided both financially and emotionally is ranked higher. Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet is well renowned as a hard-working vet doctor similar to that of Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet. The doctor’s life is always not easy, and hardships come as well. Dr. Jeff Rocky mountain vet cancer update is something to know about.

The story of a vet doctor who walked his way through cancer to live again is something to study. Other than this, there are the achievements of the man too, which is a delight to explore on. So let’s hang tight till the end to get the overall update as well.

Before directly getting into the matter, let’s take a peek about some of the facts!

dr jeff rocky mountain vet
Dr. Jeff Young

Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Quick Facts

Full Name Jeffery Young
Date of Birth 1962 /03 /31
Nickname Dr.Jeff
Marital Status Married( Petra Mickova)
Birthplace Indiana, USA
Ethnicity White
Profession Vet Doctor
Nationality American
Active Year in TV 2011-Present
Height 6’3″
Kids 3
Build Average
Online Presence N/A
Married 2014

Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Cancer – Health Update

One of the most loved individuals in the field of doctor is a vet one. It is so because animals always have a soft side. But the problem came through to the doctor as well when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Immediately his fans were made aware of this situation.

Jeff Rocky
Jeff Rocky after a chemotherapy session

In one of the episodes of his famous Tv show, the doctor was seen cutting off his most loved long hair. The hair was his signature move, and all the fans were sad about this event.

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The vet doctor was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma, which later illustrated as 8 cm mass in his lungs. The continuous treatment, along with chemotherapy, has helped the man to overcome the danger. What’s saddening is the fact his iconic long hair is no longer there. But it’s better to save a life in trade by cutting the hair.

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Parents And Family

Jeffery “Jeff” Young, aka Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet, was born on 31st March 1956 in Indiana, USA.  The man is the founder of veterinarian clinic planned pethood and planned pethood international.

The name of his mother is Ester Stevens. Surprisingly the name of his father is not known. It is due to the fact his parents divorced when he was small, and the doctor grew up with his stepdad. Added to that, no information about any of the siblings is known to anyone.

Jeff holds American nationality along with white ethnicity. The zodiac sign falls under Aries.

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Early Life and Education

Jeff was born in the states growing up on a farm. His interest in the animals grew from the same place. His childhood was a bit of rollercoaster ride as growing up; the stepdad made things go a bit difficult.

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Likewise, when the doctor completed his matriculation, he joined Colorado state university for graduation and completed in 1989 with a veterinary medicine degree. With a high interest in the field of the vet, his grades were always complementary.

Age and Body Measurements

Jeff is 64 years old. Rocky stands at the height of 6’3″ and weighs 84 kgs. Although the man is approaching his late 60’s the skills in the hand during his work is highly commendable. But there is hardly any information on his vital body statistics.

Rocky eventhough is getting older, the man has maintained a pleasant smile and good looks. To complete the physical outlook, white hair, along with the brown eyes, play the lead role.

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Career

Well, the man who has been serving animals all his life his journey began immediately after acquiring the degree. Jeff started his clinic planned pethood plus, which provided service from pretty low cost. The business of the man began to grow with his influential works.

Whenever there aroused a big problem in animals, the man took all the responsibility and took the animals to other counties like Slovakia and Mexico for treatment as well. Subsequently, the clinic by the name of Planned pethood international was established there as well.

When the work of an individual is praiseworthy, then success comes along the way. Jeff caught the eye of animal planet producers, and the popular show “Dr. Jeff- Rocky Mountain Vet” got started. The premiere of the show was on 11th July 2015. Looking at all of his success works, we feel the appearance and popularity will increase with time.

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Wife and kids

When the stars are in the right place, then the life partners are the same as how you desire them to be? The wife of Jeff is also a vet doctor who loves to be around animals all the time.

Readers might be astonished to know that Rocky has married twice. The second wife, Petra Mickova, married him in 2014. No information on how they met is known, but one thing is sure the couple is made for each other.

Petra Mickova
Petra Mickova During a surgery

The doctor already had 3 children from his previous marriage. There is no information on the vet’s former wife or relationship. Apart from the children, nothing is available until this point in time.

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One of his daughters’ Melody, also helps the parents in the clinic. Petra, however, has been very supportive of the man standing by his side during the cancer days. Due to no rift, we feel this couple will go the long distances.

Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Net Worth

The doctor has made good money from his works. It is mostly by the reality show he is part of on the animal planet. The doctor might not have great wealth, but his actions are good to fall in love. His net worth as of now stands at $200k.

Due to the treatment of Jeff’s cancer, most of his net worth count is on fluctuating ways. Although the net worth information is available, the annual income and assets are out of readers’ eyes.

Social Media Reach

One of the many surprising things about Jeff is the fact that he is not available on social media platforms. His charm and class are on the rise, but no social media handles tend to surprise his fan most of the time.


  1. I have just watched the episode where Dr Jeff had his hair cut due to chemotherapy. I was so sad! I am also so happy to see that he is doing well. I love watching the show. I live in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Your show is the highlight of my evening! Thank you so much for sharing everything with us!
    Kindest regards
    Elize Esteves


  2. I think that Dr. Jeff it’s amazing that also includes his whole office and crew. I love the way he cares for animals, he cares for the people, and the way he helps them out in their payment and the price he charges them. I will never forget the homeless man that brought his dog who was sick and the doctor charged him very little and tell him he could come I don’t remember if it was once a week or once a month to pay the doctor back. The man came when do and pay the doctor he worked odd jobs to be able to pay the doctor back. Your show is amazing and I hope that it doesn’t end anytime soon. Dr. Jeff God bless you and all the people that work in your clinic.

    1. Oh yes its a matter of sheer honour to know and tell you more about Dr Jeff. He is a living example to show the fact that it takes little effort to make the world look a good living place.
      We are absolutely delighted you liked our article and gave time to comment. Looking forward to more comments in the days to come God bless 🙂

    2. I love Dr Jeff’s show also. He helps so many people and animals. His show reaches far and wide, and I live in Hong KoNg.

  3. Dear Dr. Jeff & Petra, first of all I am so glad your cancer is in remission. I have a 16 year old dachshund, that I took to the vet & had blood work done, cause I thought she had a salvatory glan problem I still do. The vets here just Kirk you around & around w/no answers. Do you have any suggestions?
    I love my dog so much but I want the right thing done for her. So glad you’re ok.
    A blessing to all!!

  4. Porque dejaron de pasar la serie en Animal Planet, Argentina. Yo quiero seguir viendolo en el mismo horario de la medianoche. Cortaron justo cuando se estaba mudando al nuevo edificio de la Clinica. Por favor!!! Quiero seguir viéndolo

  5. If the world had more DR Jeff’s what a world it be, He is one great human being. He wife and staff are not far behind him.I wish with all might that he beats this terrible disease.

  6. My daughter and I watch Dr Jeff every day and we are great fans of his
    His kindness towards the owners and the gentleness he shows towards the animals is outstanding
    We were so sad when he had the cancer, but so relieved when he beat it, I hope and pray that he will carry on for many years with his lovely talented wife, and his lovely daughter working together in the clinic and out of it. Hope that we will see a lot more of Jeff and his staff in the future. God bless them

  7. Dr Jeff is a True hero to my wife and I. The animals come first and money second. He is a true hero.

  8. I think Dr Jeff is an amazing man. The way he gives so much to the different communities with all his free treatment clinics. I totally agree with his Spey and neuter philosophy. If you don’t intend to breed your animal then, as Dr Jeff would say, get it fixed. Dr Jeff is a humanitarian who gives back to the people who need help the most. Keep up the great work that you and your wife and staff do. May all your days be great ones and all your problems be small. Love you man xxx

  9. Hi, I’m a 66 yr old retired lady with 2 young cats who are siblings and are spayed and neutered. I warch Dr Jeff every afternoon for 2 hours on animal planet. I get my chores done so I can watch this exceptional man and his super team work their wonderful deeds on the animals of people on low income and animals who are waifs and strays so that work is not paid for at all. It is great that Dr Jeff beat the cancer without making any fuss and getting on with life with the support of his delightful family and caring colleagues. I wish you all continued good health and success with the work you do and that you reach all of your goals. Catherine Cowan in West Yorkshire, England

  10. Hej
    Vi bor i Sverige och ser på Dr Jeff varje kväll. Älskar programmet och Dr Jeff. Han är en fantastisk människa på alla sätt. Månar om djuren och hjälper djur och människor utan tanke på ekonomisk vinning. Vi önskar Dig och Petra och alla de andra Lycka till. Hjärtekramar till Er. Älskar Er.

  11. I have been an admirer of Dr. Jeff for several years. At this moment I am watching his first episode on
    Animal Planet. Does the clinic accept donations to help those animal lovers who are unable to pay? Please send me an Email address with link if that’s possible.
    Melinda Manley July 18 2020

  12. Love the show and all the vets, etc in his office!! He is surely one of a kind!! Don’t ever miss his show!!

  13. Jeff and his team does so much to help people that can’t afford vet care for their animals. I wish that more vets around the world would do the same.

  14. A true humanitarian — A vet who puts the animals ahead of his own financial gain. An Einstein in surgical care. And a doctor who promotes spading and neutering to prevent future generations of homeless, uncared for pets. I have been sold on his show for 7 years, been through the shock of his cancer and miraculous outcome and seen his completed new practice. No one was happier to see them find a new home for patients and staff. Dr. Jeff never seems to miss a beat! He is remarkable. Love his show, love his family, and love Hector, his sweet little receptionist, Dr. Baier for the exotics, and his entire caring staff. If my dog ever has a real problem, I’m saving my change for a plane ticket so I can place him in Dr. Jeff’s hands!
    Doris Stovall – Belleville, IL

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