Dominic Sherwood : Movies, Dating, Vampire Academy & Net Worth

“You got the James Dean, daydream look in your eyes” is a song that we all are familiar with. The moment he appeared in Taylor Swift‘s song ‘Style,’ we knew Dominic Sherwood would be the icon for many female fans out there.

But don’t be mistaken, Sherwood, the British actor, has been in the entertainment industry for a decade now. Dom is an actor and model who has gained fame from Vampire Academy and his recent work in Shadowhunters.

Dominic Sherwood age
Dominic Sherwood, 30, English Actor and Model

Today, we will let you in the world of Dominic and his life as we go on in this article. Stick around to get some details on him.

Dominic Sherwood: Quick Facts

Full Name: Dominic Anthony Sherwood
Age: 30 years
Birth Date: February 6, 1990
Horoscope: Aquarius
Birth Place: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Nationality: English
Education: Oakwood Park Grammar School
Height: 5 feet 11 inches(180 cm)
Weight: 82 kgs(187 lbs)
Profession: Actor, Model
Active years: 2010-present
Net Worth: $3 million
Marital Status: Not married
Social Media: Instagram

How Tall Is Dominic Sherwood?- Age and Height

The hottie who appeared alongside Taylor Swift in her music video has fans wondering everything about him. To start, this dandy man is 30 years old as he was born in the year 1990. Not to mention, Sherwood celebrates his birthday every year on the sixth of February.

This also means he was born under the sign of Aquarius, who are known for their intelligence, uniqueness, and of course, beauty. Actor as well as model, Dominic stands tall at the height of 5 feet 11 inches(180 cm) and weighs around 82 kgs(180 lbs).

Dominic Sherwood eyes
Dominic Sherwood for anti-bullying

Aside from his muscular physique, which we saw clear as the day as in the music video, he has got that chiselled jawline, covered by the stubble, which in our opinion, adds to his sexiness even more.

But the most distinct feature has to be his eyes. Yes, his eyes are the talk of the town, apparently. And how can a man be handsome and possesses one of the rarest eyes in the world is beyond our imagination. If you did not get that, let us rephrase; Dominic has sectoral heterochromia, meaning his iris are multicolored.

Similarly, Sherwood’s left eye is had brown-half blue while his right eye is blue.

Early Life and Education

Now, coming to his childhood, Dominic was born as Dominic Anthony “Dom” Sherwood to his English parents. Born and raised in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, not much is disclosed about his parents.

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Moreover, Sherwood has three brothers and a sister, but not much is known about them in the general media.

Moving on to his education, the English actor attended Oakwood Park Grammar School in Maidstone for his secondary education. Then, it is mentioned he studied drama and theatre in Maidstone and Sevenoaks later on.

Dominic Sherwood: Movies and TV Shows

Talking about his acting career, it started right after he graduated with a drama and theatre degree. He went on a six-month world out where Sherwood worked in various countries, starting from Kenya.

Also, in 2008, at the age of 18, he formed the band ‘Tamarin Sky’ with his friends.

Similarly, after the world tour ended, Sherwood returned to London for better opportunities. His plan paid off as in 2010; the young star appeared as Jack Simmons in the third season for the television series, The Cut.

Dominic Sherwood movies
Dominic Sherwood as Kurt in Penny Dreadful

From then on, he has steady ascend in his career. The following year, Sherwood made a cameo appearance as a waiter in the Sadie J episode, Cherylistic. Then in 2012, the English actor made his silver-screen debut from the movie, Not Fade Away, where he starred as a young Mick Jagger. 

However, it was his role in the 2014 satirical horror film, Vampire Academy. The movie was based on the same-titled novel written by Richelle Mead, where he starred as Christian Ozera.

As we have mentioned a couple of times already, his appearance in the Taylor Swift’s 2015 music video ‘Style’ did nothing but raise the number of female fans out there. And thinking about it, Sherwood has exposed to the broad demographics thanks to it.

Following the popularity, Dominic was then cast as Jace Herondale in the fantasy drama series, Shadowhunters. The adaptation of Cassandra Clare‘s The Mortal Instruments book series, the popular series ran from 2016 to 2019. 

Apart from these, the 30 years old English actor has even appeared in the thriller film Billionaire Ransom right alongside Ed Westwick and Jeremy Sumpter. Also, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels was his recent work where he has a recurring role of Kurt. 

Who Is Dominic Sherwood Married to?

Since his appearance in the ‘Style’ music video, Sherwood’s charm and aura have definitely been noticed by many fans worldwide. We bet many of them did not even know about him before this video went viral for many reasons, but that’s not important right now.

So talking about his marital status, fear not ladies, the actor is not married at the moment. Before this, he used to be in a relationship with British and South African model, Niamh Adkins. The couple started dating in February 2018 but seems to have parted ways as of now.

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But his relationship with Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has to be most talked about. The English hottie with the American sweetheart, they were a perfect couple to onlookers.

Dominic Sherwood and Sarah Hyland
Dominic Sherwood and Sarah Hyland

Likewise, the duo started dating back in 2014 after they met on the set of the movie Vampire Academy. They made their relationship official in January 2015 after the paparazzi caught them having their moment.

On the contrary, Dominic and Sherwood never intended to hide it anyway. They appeared together in almost all the events and red carpets.

However, the couple shocked their fans when they announced their break up in 2017. The reason behind their split was not revealed ultimately and was said to be personal. Soon after this, Sarah started dating ‘The Bachelor’ star Wells Adams.

Controversies and Scandals

One of the backsides of being a celebrity is that each one of your moves is watched by the people. The same thing happened to Dominic when he was seen greeting his Shadowhunters co-star, Matthew Daddario, with a gay slur.

Dominic Sherwood model
Dominic Sherwood is also a model.

The video was recorded in November 2017, where Daddario was hosting the show live on his Facebook profile. To those who don’t know, Matthew plays a gay character in the show. Upon realizing, the actor was quick to cut the video, but thousand of fans had already witnessed the event take place.

Likewise, instead of making excuses and pinning them on someone else, Sherwood entirely owned the mistake and posted three videos on his Instagram profile apologizing to his fans, reflecting on his actions.

Net Worth and Income

As of 2020, the English actor has accumulated a net worth of $3 million, thanks to his career as a successful actor. Not to mention, he is also active in the fashion industry as a model.

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With his looks and style, there is no wonder, Dominic has fans swarming up here and there. And looking back at his start, Sherwood has definitely come a long way from starring as a cameo to act in Netflix series.

However, the actor has not revealed his exact income and earnings when it comes to his career.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  2.5 million Followers

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