Stephane Leveille obituary

Stephane Leveille obituary and sudden demise have affected his loved ones. He was known for his long-term work supporting businesses and firms in Quebec, Canada.

Stephane Leveille co-founded and was CEO of DNA Continuity Fund in Greater Montreal.

Leveille was a resident of Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada. He joined DNA Capital in 2020.

Furthermore, Stephane worked at the CDPQ and oversaw the development of the strategy thet is required for the development of the private sector and firms in Quebec.

He worked as a lender and stakeholder with many enterprises in Quebec.

Stephane had a significant role in formulating and executing strategy and plans to help and support both growing firms and small businesses as a CDPQ’s Investment member.

Sadly, Stephane Levilllie died in a car accident on 31 August 2023. Let’s talk about this below.

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Stephane Leveille Obituary

Stephane Leveille was a kind, hardworking and talented person who had been engaged in business and firms for a long time.

Social media has been surrounded by prayers and sincerest condolences for Stephane and his bereaved family.

Stephane Leveille obituary
Stephane Leveille tragically passed away in a Car accident. (Source: Adobe Stock)

It was an unexpected incident as the family is mourning the loss of Stephane. Many relatives are grieving the loss of their kind member, always smiling with a positive attitude.

It is a great loss for the community and family as they lost their loved one, who used to make others happy with his personal traits and genuineness.

Stephane Leveille Death Cause

Stephane died in a Car accident. As per, his sudden demise was announced in a social media publication.

The family and the authorities have not revealed much regarding the accident. It is yet to be announced the actual cause of the accident.

The family is taking their time to accept the sudden demise of their loved one. Stephane’s death has greatly impacted his family, entire community, and business.

The family might consider revealing more about the accident and demise cause after some days.

Stephane Leveille Family

Not much is revealed about Stephane Leveille’s family, but per some sources, he was surrounded by his lovely wife, Cheri Baril. They also have a lovely daughter named Zoey Baril.

The family is taking their time to mourn the loss of Stephane. Stephane was a loving and supportive husband and father to his wife and daughter.

Stephane Leveille obituary
His lovely wife and daughter survived Stephane Leveille. (Source: SNBC13 NEWS)

The family remembers Stephane as a caring and hardworking who used to give and sacrifice everything for his family and loved ones.

All the family members, relatives and Stephane’s colleagues are grieving the loss of the most important person around them.

Our prayers go to the family and relatives, and we wish for the family to get enough strength to withstand this pain.

Overall, Stephane Leveille was a respectful person of the society. His charming nature and personality to help others is something that everybody will miss.

Rest In Peace Stephane Leveille

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