How famous can an optometrist doctor be and come into the limelight? Well, a limited media fame along with some fans. But if we add a well-known name Robert Herjavec to the spouse list, well the proportion changes adrift. Diane Plese is someone whom we are talking about.

She is a talented lady who is pretty good at her work, but her ex-husband’s fame made her the talk of the town. Most readers here might not be sure about whom we are talking to. So stick around to know in detail about this individual.

Diane Plese net worth
Diane Plese with Robert Herjavec

But first, some quick facts surely help the search

Diane Plese: Quick Facts

Full Name Diane Plese
Date of Birth 1959
Nickname Diane
Marital Status Divorced
Birthplace Canada
Ethnicity White
Age 60
Profession Doctor
Nationality Canadian
Height 5’5″
Eye color Black
Hair color Blonde
Build Slim
Spouse Robert Herjavec
Net Worth $100 million


Diane Plese was born in 1959 in Canada. The exact date of birth of this lady is not known to the general media. Not only that, no information on parents, along with the siblings is not known to anyone. It might be her secretive nature that led to saying nothing at all.

Diane was born in Canada, holding Canadian nationality along with white ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is unknown.

Age and Body Measurements

Being born in 1959 makes her 60 years old as of now. Her height is not known to the general media, but looking at images with her husband, we feel she is somewhere around 5’5” with no weight measures available. But looking at things, her body weight is accurate to the height she has. Sadly there is no information about vital body statistics.

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Daine might be in her 60’s, but the charm and class are not diminishing with age. Her care of things tends to overhaul the beauties around. To round up the physical outlook, blonde hair along with black eyes plays the lead.

Early Life and Education

Plese was born in Canada, spending most of her childhood there with the family and siblings. Although their names are not available, we feel she was close with all of them. Her needs were fulfilled with ease. Like every common family goals, she followed her passion for being a doctor.

If Plese had not been associated with the TV personality, no one would have known her. So this trend has continued for her till date. Any information on educational backgrounds is not known. But looking at the doctor’s work, we feel the medical line was the way to go for her.

Diane Plese Career

Diane is a well-known optometrist who has gained immense love and honors in all of Canada. After her parents migrated to the country, her life changed tides, and well, at this point, she is a well-known eye specialist. But there is surely not much known about her career achievements apart from what she does.

On the other hand, her husband is an outstanding talent. He is a businessman, investor, along with celebrity too. His career began way back in 1980 with third assistant directing in movies.

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Later his business work led to being the GM in Logiquest. Leaving this job went to the formation of his own company BRAK. Moreover, his prowess led to forming The Herjavec Group, which is a security solution providing reselling and service giving work.

Being married to such a multi-talented individual who has done works in all departments like TV, business, etc., is commendable. Diane’s career might prosper even better with age, and looking at things, and it’s hard to know about it.

Diane PleseĀ  Husband

Diane might be a talented lady, but her fame is the result of her husband. The love story of this couple is something of a fairytale. Robert came for an eye check, and his eyes were laid on Diane. There was no looking back after that.

Both started dating after she was his eye carer. Their regular meet went to tie the knot in 1990. It was a pretty close event with all of their closed ones called in it.

Diane Plese husband
Robert Herjaveric and Kim

After getting married, they had three children together Caprice, Skye, and Brendan. It was going outstanding when rumors came along that Robert was seeing another woman Kim. There was no confirmation by both about this affair.

Plese took her stand at walked ahead for divorce. In the year 2014, divorce was on the cards leading to finalizing in 2015. Robert considered suicide at times, and Diane went to go under the radar.

Diane Plese Net Worth

How much amount can an optometrist make in all of her lifetimes? Well, it won’t be in millions for sure, but it is the result of her sad divorce. Her husband had a net worth of $200 million.

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In the case of divorce settlement, Plese received a worth of $100 million, which accounted for her net worth. With the least information available about net worth, nothing right on assets owned and annual income is not known to the general media.

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