Diana Lovejoy Mugshot

Diana Lovejoy mugshot is gaining attention on social media. She was arrested for the attempted murder of her Ex-Husband. She fainted in court after hearing her sentence.

Diana Lovejoy, a former fitness instructor from the United States, gained notoriety in 2017 for attempting to murder her ex-husband, Greg. 

Diana and Greg tied the knot in 2007, but their relationship fell apart shortly after the birth of their child, leading to their separation. After the court granted them joint custody of their son, Lovejoy began seeking ways to eliminate her ex-husband.

The case gained national attention after the N.B.C. T.V. show Dateline covered it in March 2018.

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Diana Lovejoy Mugshot: Arrested For Attempted Murder

On November 1st, 2017, Diana Lovejoy was charged with the attempted murder of her husband, Greg.

Lovejoy sought to eliminate Greg due to their joint child custody agreement. To carry out the act, she enlisted the help of her boyfriend and former Marine, Welton McDavid.

On the day of the crime, McDavid contacted Greg using a burner phone, luring him outside by alleging he had evidence against him.

DIana Lovejoy Mugshot
Diana Lovejoy and Welton MacDavid were charged on November 1st, 2017, for attempting to murder her husband, Greg. (Source: fox5sandiego)

Greg was walking with his friend, Jason Kovach, on the road around 11 pm when they were met by McDavid, who opened Fire in their direction. Despite being struck, Greg narrowly avoided a fatal injury and survived.

In January 2018, Diana Lovejoy was found guilty of attempted murder and was sentenced to 26 years of imprisonment. Meanwhile, McDavid, who had pulled the trigger, received a prison sentence of 25 years.

Both Lovejoy and McDavid appealed their sentences, but the court upheld Lovejoy’s 26-year sentence. However, the court ordered a further investigation into McDavid’s involvement in the crime.

Where Is Diana Lovejoy Now?

At 44, Diana Lovejoy commenced serving her sentence at Chowchilla’s Women’s Prison, remaining until she becomes eligible for parole in 2036.

Born and raised in the United States on October 26th, 1972, Lovejoy spent most of her career as a fitness instructor and coach.

She graduated from Mountain View High School in California and earned a bachelor’s degree in Literature, Psychology, Music, and French from the University of California.

After completing her education, Lovejoy was a lead documentation specialist at Nokia for four years before transitioning to a software Company.

According to vizaca, in 2008, she left the tech industry to pursue a career in fitness. She also started a YouTube channel where she shared recipes for quick and healthy meals.

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Who Is Diana Lovejoy ex-husband?

Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill married in a private wedding ceremony in 2007. Greg, a California native, works as a computer programmer.

The couple first met in 2005 on a dating site and quickly bonded over their love for outdoor activities such as hiking. After getting married, they bought a lovely House together in Carlsbad and enjoyed a happy life.

Diana Lovejoy Mugshot
Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill married in a private wedding ceremony in 2007. They met for the first time in 2005 on a dating site. (Source: Briefly)

However, over time, their relationship began to deteriorate. They frequently fought, and Diana’s eight miscarriages exacerbated the strain. They eventually welcomed their child in 2012, but by that time, things were already out of hand.

In 2016, Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill agreed to joint custody of their son. As part of the agreement, Lovejoy was also required to pay her ex-husband $120,000 as his share of their family House.

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