Quasand Lewis wiki

Quasand was a leading member of one of Detroit’s biggest illegal drug chains, so people want to know more about him through the Quasand Lewis Wiki.

Quasand Lewis was a criminal arrested for illegal drug trafficking, forming a big drug dealer ring.

Investigations were carried out at many places in Metro Detroit, where Lewis had his drug ring and stored cash, drugs and guns.

Quasand Lewis’s drug case was also featured in the Gangsters: America’s Most Evil documentary. 

After the arrest, Quasand spent many years in Florida prison. It is one of the biggest criminal cases in Detroit. Let’s talk more concerning Quasand Lewis wiki and his overall criminal case.

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Detroit Quasand Lewis Wiki

Quasand Lewis was born in 1972 in Ipsilanti, Michigan. He also has a cousin, Robert Deshaun, best known as a Traylor. Traylor was a Basketball player.

Traylor was also raised in Michigan. Lewis used to attend his matches. But unfortunately, Lewis began conducting illegal works and crimes that later led him to spend many years in prison.

Lewis’s began conducting illegal drug trafficking. He was not alone and had not formed the entire chain, as many people were involved in the case.

Lewis’s longtime girlfriend, Saeeda “Sis” Walker and her brother, Edward “John Lemon” Walker, were also involved in the drug chain.

Quasand Lewis wiki
Quasand Lewis was born in Ipsilanti, Michigan. (Source: YouTube)

Many others collected, distributed and oversaw the entire drug operation. 1997, Lewis and his members traveled to Los Angeles to purchase cocaine.

However, the funds of $484,000 they were about to pay for the drug were seized by the Police. And the team faced certain punishment for that.

But that did not change him as Lewis continued drug operations across Detroit. In 2002, Lewis formed a partnership with flamboyant Tommie Lee Hodges. Hodges had tractor-trailers. 

Later, Lewis and Hodges began transporting marijuana to Detroit from Arizona. They used to transport high quantities of marijuana, upto 3000 pounds loads.

It turned out to be a successful business for Lewis, and he expanded his business from Detroit to California, Ohio, Georgia and Okhalama. But later, Hodges and Lewis ended their partnership after a violent rivalry.

Furthermore, in September 2002, Lewis was shot as he exited a bar. Later, several other members were also arrested for the drug trafficking offense.

Many Lewis Organization members are involved in many crimes, shootings and homicides, killing many people. The members were in a violent rivalry, with Hodges killing Hodges’s half-brother by shooting in 2003.

But such successful business fell apart after the officers began their investigation and started seizing drugs, cash and shotguns from many of Lewis’s operational places.

Members involved in shootings and homicides were sentenced to prison. On 13 July 2001, a Federal grand jury indicted Lewis and his members, Saeeda and Edward Walker, Robin Wilson, Jason Tyler, Walter Arlequin-Sanchez and many more involved.

Lewis was charged with operating a continual criminal enterprise. He was not charged with murder, but investigators linked his crime to a dozen Homicides.

Lewis was charged guilty of narcotics trafficking and money laundering and was charged with 18 years in federal prison. He was sent to the Federal Correctional Complex in Florida.

Moreover, the government seized over $15 million in cash and 25 tons of marijuana from the Lewis organization.

According to the Blogger, Quasand Lewis was released from Federal prison in 2019.

Where Is Quasand Lewis Now?

After the release, Lewis has not come outside the media. He might be living everyday life, spending time with his loved ones and family.

Eighteen years in prison was a long time for Lewis. Quasand Lewis might have learned a lesson from his mistakes.

Quasand Lewis wiki
Quasand Lewis might have started living happily with his family. (Source: Plex)

Quasaland Lewis now might prefer living his happy and satisfied life with his family, with no involvement in crimes and drug dealings.

Quasand himself and his family suffered a lot from the incident. And we hope he is continuing his life positively and crime-free.

Overall, the Quasand Lewis case is one of the crimes of Detroit that created shock vibes to many people and the entire country.

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