It is no secret that Netflix is known for giving hit series back-to-back. Living up to the hype, its new series, Barbarians, has been catching attention internationally. Among the stellar casts, one actor, David Schuetter, is gaining insurmountable love from the fans of this series.

Despite being a new name and face in the American TV, Schuetter is widely recognized for his skills in Germany. Coming from the celebrity family, David is famous as an actor, model, television personality, entrepreneur, among many other things.

David Schuetter age
David Schuetter, 29, German Actor and Model

Since his fans are increasing in number, it would only be appropriate to know more about it. Hence, please take this opportunity to know more about dashing David and his life; both professional and personal.

You can get the information right here.

David Schuetter: Quick Facts


Full Name: David Schuetter-Wieske (Schütter)
Age: 33 years old
Birth Date: Undisclosed
Horoscope: Unknown
Birth Place: Hamburg, Germany
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: German
Height: 5 feet 11 inches(182 cm)
Profession: Actor, Television Personality, Model
Net Worth: $1.9 million
Marital Status: In a relationship
Social Media: Instagram
Last update: June, 2024

Who is David Schuetter from Barbarians?

As we talked about, David, along with other casts of Barbarians, have been gaining significant success in the international market. The famous German actor, David, plays the role of Folkwin Wolfspeer.

Aside from that, he is known for other works including Strawberry Bubblegums.

People often think that he is also a lawyer because of the fact that there was a famous lawyer named David Schutter who was born in 1940 and died in 2005.

Short Bio- Early Life, Family, and Education

Famous for his dashing looks and acting skills, David Schuetter comes from a celebrity family. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, he is the grandson of widely-known German actor, Friedrich Schuetter. Sadly, the name of his parents and siblings are not known in the media.

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It confirms that his parents are not a celebrity or any praised entertainers. Likewise, David is German by nationality while his ethnicity happens to be white.

As for his education, Schuetter finished his school then enrolled at the “School for Drama Hamburg.” Upon his graduation, Schuetter started working in the German entertainment industry as a model and actor.

Age and Body Measurements

Since many international fans saw him in ‘Barbarian’ as Folkwin, they think he is rough in real life as well. But the truth is far from the reel-life. In fact, Schuetter is one of the most charming and down-to-earth individuals in German entertainment.

Born in the year 1991, the German star is 29 years as of now. But the actor has kept his birthday, and other details like his sun sign a secret from the fans.

David Schuetter height, model
David Schuetter is also a model.

His birthday might be hidden, but no one can hide his amazing body. Yes, the young actor has got a robust figure, standing at 5 feet 11 inches(182 cm) and weighs around 80 kgs. Likewise, Schuetter has a strict diet and workout regime to be in shape.

Aside from his body, David has got a chiselled face and mesmerizing blue eyes. They go well with his sun-burnt hair and warm skin tone. Not to mention, David always wears sleek styles.

David Schuetter Filmography

As a grandson of famous German actor, director, and theatre director, Friedrich Schuetter; there’s no question about his acting skills. To pursue acting professionally, David enrolled at the School for Drama Hamburg from 2009 to 2012. 

But before his enrollment, David had appeared in the 2008 NDR series, Die Pfefferkorner, which also happens to be his debut work. While studying, Schuetter appeared in another series titled Da comes Kalle back in 2010. Before his graduation, Schuetter acted in few series like The Pride of the Family and Coast Guard.

Likewise, it did not take long for him to make his movie debut after his graduation. David starred in the 2013 feature film, Spieltrieb where he portrayed the role of Gruettel.

Besides, that year Schuetter acted in few other television shows as well. Young David was seen in In all friendship, Alles Klara, Grobstadtrevier, and Der Lehrer; all of the German series. Similarly, Schuetter then returned to the set of Coast Guard in 2014, this time playing the role of young Finn Jorkson.

Finally, in 2014, David played the lead role in the feature film, Porn Punk Poetry. He embodied the character, Damon, a 27-year-old male prostitute who had blonde hair and mohawk. The film was shown at the Lunen Cinema festival.

Moreover, it also won the Michael Ballhaus Prize at the First Steps Awards, and in the 2015 Studio Hamburg Young Talent Award. Following that, David himself received the Best Male Actor award at the short film festival called In festival c’est trop court!

In 2019, the movie Charlie’s Angles released where David played the role of Ralph. Fans state that the movie is the actor’s finest performance of all time.

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Since then, young David has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, increasing his skills and adding those experiences. Some of his popular works include Josephine Klick- Alone Among Cops, Das Muli, Last Train Berlin, Our Wonderful Years, and many others.

David Schuetter as Folkwin Wolfspeer in Barbarians

On October 23, 2020, Netflix released its first German historical actions series titled Barbarians. The show revolved around three main characters during the 9 AD and the historic battle in the Teutoburg Forest. Despite having only six episodes, the show has been a success.

Just like his co-stars, Laurence Rupp and Jeanne Goursaud, David was also equally excited about his role. In this action-packed show, Schuetter portrays the role of Folkwin Wolfspeer, a son of a brewer who is passionate and impulsive.

Likewise, Schuetter also added how the character was a mix of both masculinity and sensitivity. In an interview with The NewsABC, David expressed how he envied his character’s honesty despite having many other things in common.

Not only did he change his diet and exercise regime but also donned long hair for the first time. Aside from that, Schuetter trained in sword fighting, horse riding, and learned a lot from historians.

“Folkwin is very close to nature, which I set out to do in preparation. So less mobile phone, away with technology- which is not easy. Before shooting, we had a lot of stunts, sword fighting, and riding training. This physical activity helped me to become freer and also to allow an animalistic side to me.”

What is the net worth of David Schuetter?- Income and Sources

As of 2020, the famous German actor has accumulated a hefty net worth of $1.9 million. Before the success of Barbarians, David was a renowned name in the German entertainment industry.

Not to mention, he has appeared in dozens of acclaimed movies, and TV shows that further boosted his popularity. And with the success of the recent series, we expect his popularity to increase even more.

However, the income and other financial details are unknown at the moment.

Is David Schuetter married? Wife or Dating?

Famous for his attractive looks and charming manners, David has many fans flocking to get his attention. But anyone got the attention from him? Well, it seems this German actor is devoted to his girlfriend of long-time whom he calls “Lary.”

David Schuetter wife
David Schuetter with his girlfriend, Lary

According to sources, Lary is also a professional model and social media influencer. It makes us wonder if the two met at a social event or other fashion events.

Aside from the nickname, any further details, entailing her life has not been disclosed. Hence, we have no information on her name, whereabouts, and so on.

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But this has not stopped David from professing his love to his girlfriend. In fact, his Instagram is filled with photos with his loved one.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  50.7k Followers

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