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Danny Seifert was a businessman who was brutally killed by mobsters in 1974.

Apart from happiness and smiles, the world is also composed of crimes and wars. Many people have committed different crimes, and many have to suffer from those crimes.

There are different kinds of people living among us. Some have worked for the prosperity and happiness of society, whereas some have committed brutal crimes and violence in society.

On 27 September 1974, a tragic incident happened in Chicago, U.S. A businessman named Daniel Seifert was brutally gunned down and killed by the Chicago mobs in front of his four-year-old son and his wife.

Daniel also called Danny was a successful businessman living happily with his wife and three adorable kids. Sadly, their happiness couldn’t last further, as Danny was brutally murdered in front of his family.

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 Danny Seifert: Bensenville Businessman

Danny Seifert was a businessman with a beautiful house in Bensenville, living a happy life with his family.

Danny was an entrepreneur who created an International Fiberglass firm in Elk Grove Village. Later he began a company called Plastic-Matic Products in Bensenville.

Seifert has a beautiful wife, Emma and children, Joe, Nick and Kathy. Danny started his Fiberglass firm in the companion with Irwin Weiner and Felix.

The company was a huge success for them, but later Irwin Weiner decided to sell part of his company. 

Moreover, the company started being surrounded by a group of reputed mobsters. One of them was Joseph Lombardo, who was added to the company’s payroll. 

Joseph was funny and always cracking jokes around people. He was also close with Danny’s older son, Nick. Nick idolized him as an Uncle.

But he was a member of the mobster’s gang, and Danny’s wife Emma often worried about their relationship in the company. But by looking at Joseph’s friendly and funny behaviors, Danny and Emma started trusting him.

Instead of working in the company, Joseph with his members started using business in their fraudulent works, creating dirty mob money for them. Due to this, Danny was approached by FBI agents and in 1973, he sold that business and opened a Plastic-Matic business.

Danny Seifert Wikipedia
Joseph Lombardo was a member of a group of mobsters. (Source: Wikipedia)

In 1974, Joseph Lombardo and his other member, Irwin Weiner, were charged with their fraud. And Joseph was not satisfied with Danny, as he started his own separate business and got rid of them.

Furthermore, Joseph started visiting outside their home with some strangers in his car. Emma and Danny were aware and often called FBI agents at their house. 

But on 27 September 1974, Danny arrived in their office with his wife and son. The two men entered from their shop’s back door, pouncing on Daany and hitting his head with the gun.

The men threatened Emma and his son by putting a gun on her head and kept them inside the bathroom. Later, they heard the gunshots and walked out of the bathroom. 

Emma saw his wounded husband running toward the end of the parking lot, where he was shot by a guy standing behind the parked car with a 12-gauge shotgun.

After the guy killed Danny, both ran away from there. After police arrived, their prime suspect was Joseph Lombardo, but the case was dismissed because there was insufficient evidence to prove him guilty.

Emma was sure that Joseph murdered Danny, but she remained silent as she did not want any further danger for the rest of her family.

But after 25 years, Danny’s sons Nick and Joe confronted the murderer Joseph. On 25 April, after collecting all evidence, Joseph Lombardo was announced as the murderer by the court and later life sentenced to Jail. 

 Meet Danny Seifert Wife And Son

It was a heartbreaking tragedy for the rest of the Seiferts family. Talking about Emma Seifert, after eight years of Danny’s demise, she married again and continued her life with her sons and husband.

Talking about Danny’s children, during the tragic incident, Nick was 12, Kathy was 11, and Joe was four years old.

Danny Seifert Wikipedia
Danny’s wife, Emma and their sons. (Source: Chicago Magazine)

Both the brothers managed to find out the truth and provide justice to their late father, Danny. Apart from Joseph, they also caught other criminals involved with Joseph in their father’s murder.

It was a sad incident for Seifert’s family, but the sons fought for justice for their father and charged the criminals to life sentences.  

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