Dannii Erskine Accident

Dannii Erskine Accident and fake death rumors have been trending on social media as recent rumors suggest she may still be alive. 

Dannii Erskine, an Australian reality TV star, was reportedly involved in a car accident on April 29, 2023, and died due to her injuries on May 2, 2023. However, recent news reports suggest that she may still be alive, and the rumors of her death may be false. 

Last month, a note posted to the reality star’s social media account confirmed her death. Her family later admitted she was killed in a car accident involving an ‘intoxicated’ driver.

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Nevertheless, it was discovered this week that neither Victoria Police nor the Coroner’s Court of Victoria had any records of her death.

According to SoDramatic!, the Police confirmed there had been “no fatal or serious collisions in North Melbourne in the past month” in the region where the accident was reported.

Dannii Erskine Accident- Is She Still Alive?

Prejudice and Prejudice Dannii Erskine, an Australian celebrity earlier declared dead, may be alive.

Erskine’s death was announced in early May by someone purporting to be her sister Dee following a horrible vehicle accident in North Melbourne on April 28.

Erskine, who appeared in the contentious 2019 wedding series, was allegedly T-boned by another car on her way home from a shopping excursion.

Dannii Erskine Accident
Dannii Erskine Accident And death Post (source: Sodramaticonline)

The coroner’s office also told the publication that it “does not have a record of Dannii Erskine’s death.”

Many of Erskine’s family and friends had also shared a text message with funeral details that they got ‘five hours before’ she was discovered missing.

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Dannii’s skull had been smashed upon impact with her vehicle’s airbag, according to Dee at the time, leading to her terrible death.

Recent assertions, however, imply Erskine may still be alive, and a statement from Victoria Police raises additional issues about the claimed automobile crash.

Dannii Erskine Accident: Fake Death Rumors Explored

Dannii’s sister claimed that she died in the collision and had severe brain injuries, according to sources. Yet, contradictions in her tale have cast doubt on the veracity of her assertions. According to some sources, Dannii Erskine may have staged her death for unclear reasons.

The mail purported to be from Mornington Peninsula Funerals and detailed the arrangements of a ceremony scheduled for May 16.

Dannii Erskine Accident
Dannii Erskine may have FAKED her death (source: Outlookindia)

Nevertheless, no funerals are scheduled for that date, nor is anyone named Dannii Erksine in their care. Following this, so dramatic! Communicated with many sources that confirmed Erskine’s survival.

‘She’s not in good mental health, but she’s alive,’ remarked one. They also claimed she was being treated in a hospital for a fractured ankle and that her social media had been hacked.

Dee Erskine’s sister has not replied to pleas for a further explanation after initially announcing Erskine’s death to the media.

Although Dee’s partner Shaun Catt stated that his sister-in-law died in a recent social media exchange in which he accused a cousin of making ‘f***ing jokes’ rather than ‘grieving with the family,’ he is also said to have demanded $100,000 (¬£53,000) for ‘answers’ in response to media requests to speak about the claims being made.

Who Is Denton Ansley? Dannii Erskine Husband

Denton Ansley, Erskine’s fianc√© when she appeared on Bride and Prejudice, spoke about the rumors surrounding his ex, saying his former partner claimed to have died earlier.

A friend reportedly supported his statements, who stated that she believed ‘the same thing had happened again’ and that Erskine had previously lied about being pregnant.

‘For a while, she continued posting pictures of herself looking pregnant, pals caressing her stomach and saying “can’t wait,”‘ they added.

‘Then she deleted them all, and when people questioned her, she said, ‘Why would you ever believe that?’

Erskine’s death was initially announced with a snapshot on her Instagram account captioned ‘REST IN PEACE Dannii Erskine. 1995 – 2023’.

Her sister later commented about her brother’s death, claiming that Erskine was involved in a “severe accident” while returning from the store.

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