Craig Simpson

Homicide in North Sacramento last December resulted in an arrest, according to a statement by the Sacramento Police.

With the help of the FBI and the Oklahoma City Police Department, law enforcement officials apprehended 47-year-old Craig Simpson in Oklahoma City on Sunday, as per the announcement made by the Police.

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Craig Simpson – 47-Year-Old Man Arrested For Del Paso Heights Murder

Sacramento Police investigated a shooting that killed one man on Tuesday morning, December 20, 2023. They reported a shooting in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood at around 11:30 am on Haywood Street’s 3800 Block.

Subsequently, after the shooting incident, an adult male victim was promptly transferred to a nearby hospital for medical treatment, as per the report released by the Del Paso Heights Police Department.

Regrettably, despite all the medical efforts, he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at a later time.

Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson, 47 arrested for Sacramento Homicide Case (Source: Fox40)

The investigation into the shooting was taken over by homicide detectives and crime scene investigators, as the circumstances surrounding the incident were unclear at the time.


However, 47-year-old Craig Simpson was taken into custody in Oklahoma City on Sunday, with the help of the FBI and the Oklahoma City Police Department, as per the Police statement, after three months since the incident had occurred.

Craig Simpson is set to be deported to Sacramento in the future, where the Sacramento Police Department will assume custody of him and proceed with pressing charges for homicide.

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Sacramento police data indicates a surge in homicides and shootings

Pivoting from Craig Simpson case to general Sacramento homicide cases, shooting reports rose by 25%, victims’ shots increased by 17%, and guns seized went up by 34%, per new data released by the Sacramento Police Department.

During a presentation to the Sacramento City Council, Police Chief Kathy Lester stated that the number of homicides in Sacramento has already reached 12 this year.

This marks a significant increase of almost 14% compared to the number of homicides reported in 2022.

Sacramento Rising Homicide Rate is scary (Source: Pinterest)

Sacramento Police confiscated 410 ghost guns 2021 and 642 in 2021, indicating a significant surge in untraceable homemade firearms in just two years.

They also received 1024 reports of gun-related incidents in 2022, with 634 occurring in specific areas.

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