Conor Brian Fitzpatrick

Conor Brian Fitzpatrick has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for his alleged involvement in the notorious dark web data breach site “BreachForums

According to Krebs on Security and Bleeping Computer, the FBI has detained the accused Leader of the BreachForums online hacking group. 

According to a pair of court files, Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, commonly known online as “Pompompurin,” was detained at his New York residence on Wednesday and charged with conspiracy to conduct access device fraud.

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A Peekskill man has been arrested for allegedly running the dark web hacking forum known as BreachForums.Fitzpatrick, a Peekskill, New York resident, was apprehended at his home by investigators and charged with computer crimes related to the operation of BreachForums.

Conor Brian Fitzpatrick AKA Pompompurin Hacker Arrested- BreachForums Wwner Linked To FBI Hacks

The FBI has apprehended Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, also known as “Pompompurin” on the dark web, for his suspected participation in the renowned dark web data-breach site “BreachForums.” 

Fitzpatrick, the owner of the primary hacking site, claimed credit for hacking the FBI’s email systems in 2021.

Conor Brian Fitzpatrick
Conor Brian Fitzpatrick AKA Pompompurin Hacker Arrested (source: Hackread)

The FBI agent involved in the investigation claimed in a sworn statement that Fitzpatrick acknowledged owning BreachForums at the time of his detention and identified himself as Pompompurin. 

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After the FBI confiscated RaidForums, a similar hacking site that sold sensitive information, Pompompurin founded BreachForums.

The hacker is linked to various breaches, several targeting the FBI. Pompompurin took responsibility for a hack in 2021 that sent out thousands of bogus cybersecurity warnings from the FBI’s email address.

The breach of Infragard, the FBI’s information-sharing program that aims to raise awareness about physical and digital threats to government organizations and independent businesses.

Pompompurin is also linked to the 2021 Robinhood breach, which exposed the information of millions of its users, as well as the November 2022 leak of Twitter user handles and email addresses, according to Bleeping Computer.

Where Is Conor Brian Fitzpatrick AKA Pompompurin Hacker Now? Charges Explored

According to court filings, Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, also known as “pompompurin,” is accused in a Virginia federal court of one count of conspiracy to conduct access device fraud.

According to court filings, Fitzpatrick, who is either 20 or 21 years old, was detained this week at his residence in Peekskill. Bloomberg initially reported on the arrest.

Conor Brian Fitzpatrick
Breach Forums Admin ‘Pompompurin’ Arrested in New York (source: Cyberkendra)

According to FBI Special Agent John Longmire, who testified in court documents, “On March 15, 2023, when I detained the defendant, he told me, in essence, and part, that he went by the pseudonym “pompompurin,” that his identity was Conor Brian FitzPatrick, and that he ran the data breach website “BreachForums” as owner and administrator.

With the online handle “pompompurin,” Fitzpatrick supposedly has been one of the most famous names in cyber leaks in recent years.

He was a well-known user of the site RaidForums until the FBI took it over in 2022. As “a popular marketplace for hackers to acquire and sell compromised data,” the feds referred to RaidForums.

Fitzpatrick allegedly launched BreachForums to fill the hole left by the closure of RaidForums. 

The federal government claims that BreachFormus, which is thought to have been the most significant data leak forum of its kind and was often utilized by hackers to disclose stolen data, was illegally holding the databases of over 1,000 organizations that had been illegally taken.




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