Amidst one of Indonesia’s most extraordinary singers mourning, fans are also curious about Connie Nurlita Suami (Husband). Was she married during the time of her death? Find out here!

Connie was an Indonesian singer with an exceptional vocal range and stage presence, captivating audiences with her passionate melodies and high-energy performances.

Throughout her illustrious career, Connie Nurlita enchanted fans with an array of chart-topping singles, including the magnetic “Pendusta,” the electrifying “Ular Cobra,” and the introspective “Melawan Sepi.”

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Connie Nurlita Suami (Husband): Was She Married? Relationship

There are no official reports about Connie Nurlit’s suami (husband), so, likely, the singer was not in a marital relationship at the time of her tragic death.

We couldn’t find a single news article on the Internet mentioning Connie Nurlita’s suami, and according to, the musician had admitted to Hotman Paris that she was not a married woman.

She always preferred living a private life and insisted that media and paparazzi only cover her music and other professional endeavors; thus, we are still determining if she was even involved in a high-profile romantic relationship. 

Renowned for her remarkable adaptability, Connie Nurlita showcased her immense talent across diverse musical genres, effortlessly traversing pop, dangdut, and traditional Indonesian music, garnering global acclaim.

The music world was forever changed when Connie Nurlita unleashed her powerhouse hit “Ayang Ayangmu,” propelling her into the limelight and solidifying her status as a rising star.

Connie Nurlita Suami
Addressing Connie Nurlita Suami (Husband): She was not a married woman (Source: Instagram)

Commanding the stage with an irresistible presence, Connie Nurlita became a highly sought-after performer, hailing audiences’ attention at prestigious music festivals and high-profile events across Indonesia.

Connie Nurlita’s unparalleled success was attributed to her seamless transition between musical styles, captivating listeners with her ability to connect with diverse audiences effortlessly.

Collaborating with esteemed musicians within the Indonesian music industry, Connie Nurlita elevated her musical prowess to new heights, pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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Connie Nurlita Death And Memorial Service

The Indonesian entertainment world is again engulfed in sorrow as the beloved Sworddut singer Connie Nurlita bid her final farewell on Tuesday (30/5/2023).

In a tragic turn of events, Connie Nurlita, an exceptional vocalist, breathed her last while en route to the hospital, succumbing to an unexpected heart attack.

At 50, this esteemed celebrity had no recent health issues and was reportedly in robust condition just hours before her departure.

Speaking with utmost disbelief, Connie Nurlita’s closest friend, Novan, revealed that she had plans to engage in a morning workout, blissfully unaware of the tragic fate that awaited her.

Despite the best efforts made upon arrival at the hospital, Connie Nurlita’s life couldn’t be saved, as the heart attack had taken an irreversible toll.

Connie Nurlita
Connie Nurlita died of a heart attack (Source: Instagram)

Novan, with a heavy heart, shared that medical examinations confirmed Connie Nurlita indeed suffered a severe heart attack, further adding to the shock and disbelief surrounding her passing.

Presently, Connie Nurlita’s mortal remains rest at the Grand Heaven funeral home, situated in the serene neighborhood of Pluit, North Jakarta.

The grieving family has arranged for Connie Nurlita to rest in the tranquil grounds of San Diego Hills in Karawang, West Java. However, the funeral services are scheduled for Thursday (1/6/2023), allowing time for the family’s necessary preparations.

Sepatu Connie
The Official Music Video for Connie’s latest song Sepatu has just dropped (Source: Instagram)

Coinciding with her unfortunate departure, Connie Nurlita unveiled her latest single, “Sepatu,” merely a day before the heartbreaking news.

As heartfelt condolences poured in, the promotional activities surrounding Connie Nurlita’s newest release became a poignant reminder of the immense loss the music industry and her fans had suffered.

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