Cocomelon Controversy

Is Cocomelon going to be banned? What happened to the American YouTube channel? Social media users seem to be haunted by the question of news about Cocomelon being banned.

Cocomelon is an American streaming video program and YouTube channel run by the American Company Treasure Studio.

The 3D animation movies of classic nursery rhymes and their own original children’s music are their areas of expertise at Cocomelon.

Not to mention, Cocomelon is the second-most watched and subscribed YouTube channel in the world after T-Series. They also had the most subscribers among children’s channels.

On September 1st, 2006, Cocomelon was established on YouTube to offer free education and entertainment.

The channel, then known as “checkgate,” posted two variations of the alphabet song to YouTube on its first day.
Most of the videos on the channel that taught the alphabet were between one and two minutes long.

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Cocomelon Controversy: Is It Going To Be Banned?

There is a rumor that an American streaming video program and YouTube channel, Cocomelon, will be banned. 

Due to its content being deemed inappropriate for young viewers, Cocomelon, a hugely popular YouTube channel, has lately been blocked in various countries, according to Tubeast.

The channel offers animated nursery rhymes, educational material, and other kid-friendly films. Still, many include provocative themes that some people have found too risqué for kids.

Additionally, it has been discovered that some videos involve offensive language and imagery, prompting worries about the possible harm to young viewers in several nations.

Cocomelon Controversy
Cocomelon has been outlawed in many countries due to its content being deemed improper for young audiences (Source: YouTube)

As a result, Cocomelon has been outlawed in certain nations, raising questions about its subject matter’s suitability and the potential harm it might do to young viewers.

On the other hand, in 2021, Jerrica Sannes, a child development specialist with a master’s degree, claimed that Cocomelon is ‘hyper-stimulating’ its young viewers.

She wrote on social media, “Cocomelon is so hyper-stimulating that it serves as a drug, a stimulant.”

The more time spent in front of a screen, the more dopamine is released into the brain, training it to expect this high stimulation level.

It certainly didn’t hurt that Netflix decided to carry Cocomelon in the middle of 2020, right after the virus had everyone inside.

Millions of parents are now scrambling to find ways to keep their kids amused while also trying to make a living working from home. 

Is Cocomelon Addictive? 

Cocomelon is so intensely stimulating, in Sannes’ words, that it functions as a drug and a stimulant.

Screen time causes the brain to experience a dopamine “hit,” and it appears that the greater the drug.

Despite the channel’s irresistible attraction, it’s crucial to remember that moderation is the key.

Cocomelon Controversy
Cocomelon is so intensely stimulating, in Sannes’ words, that it functions as a drug and a stimulant (Source: Netflix)

Children can learn a lot and have a lot of fun with cocomelon, but it shouldn’t be utilized as a primary source of amusement or as a replacement for outdoor play.

Parents should urge their kids to spend time reading, playing outside, and communicating with loved ones to prevent screen addiction.

Additionally, Dr. Rebecca G. Cowan contends that parents need to be aware of how much content affects the growth of their children. Parents shouldn’t worry or stress themselves out excessively when their child develops an addiction.

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