Christina Harrison Mugshot

Following the brutal murder case, people are curious about Christina Harrison’s mugshot.

According to the Irmo Police Department, a shooting suspect turned herself in around 5:30 pm Tuesday. 

Authorities say surveillance video shows the suspect, 23-year-old Christina Harrison, in a verbal altercation with a stranger about an hour earlier.

Per the Police, the incident occurred around 4 pm in the Kroger shopping center in the 7400 block of Saint Andrews Road.

Authorities say they found the victim in the parking lot and pronounced him dead a short time later when they arrived.

Authorities ask anyone who witnessed the incident or has any additional information that could aid in the ongoing investigation to call (803)781-8088.

Christina Harrison Mugshot Details 

The mugshot details of Christina Harrison are yet to be revealed.

Christina Harrison, a 23-year-old identified suspect, shot Alexandria Borys in the Kroger grocery store parking lot.

Harrison, 26, shot Borys and fled the scene in a white Ford.

Christina Harrison Mugshot: Arrested For Shooting And Killing Of Alexandria Borys
Christina Harrison was arrested for killing a stranger in a Kroger parking lot. (Source: Twitter)

Tyler Borys, Alexandria’s husband, said they had resolved their disagreement or Alex was leaving. It appears she was shot with her back turned.

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Harrison turned herself in not long after. Borys was declared dead at the scene around 5:30 pm after she surrendered to the Irmo Police Department.

She was charged with murder, carrying a pistol unlawfully, and possessing a firearm during a violent crime.

Christina Harrison Arrested For Shooting

Christina Harrison has been arrested for shooting Alexandria Borys in the Kroger grocery store parking lot.

Harrison was arrested and transported to the Lexington County Detention Center.

According to Irmo Police Chief Bobby Dale, the incident occurred when tempers flared, and someone let their anger get the best of them.

Two families’ lives, as well as the lives of countless others who witnessed this tragic event, have been impacted by one rash decision.

Christina Harrison Mugshot
Young mom killed in front of kids after parking lot dispute on Valentine’s Day. (Source: NY Post)

Tyler Borys told WIS that his wife, Alexandria Borys, was out grocery shopping with their niece and nephew.

Harrison has since been charged with murder, unlawful pistol carrying, and firearm possession during a violent crime.

Tyler Borys described his wife as “a beautiful woman, a wonderful mother, a compassionate wife, a trusting friend, and so much more” in a GoFundMe Campaign for her. He went on to say that Alexandria was taken far too soon.

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She passed away under a week after her brother died from an unrelated gunshot wound.

How Did The Fatal Shooting Start?

According to Police, the shooting began with an argument between two women who did not know each other. Witnesses at the scene at the time of the shooting say they heard an argument and then gunshots.

That comes after Police say Christina Harrison, 23, of Columbia, shot and killed another woman.

The two are thought to have been strangers, but before the shooting, they had a verbal fight.

Alexandria Cress Borys, 26, was identified as the woman who died due to the shooting by Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher.

According to investigators, Mrs. Borys was pronounced dead at the scene from a single gunshot wound to the head.

More Updates On Christina Harrison Case

Life is uncertain, and you never know what might happen a few minutes later. And in the US where gun violence and mass shootings have increased rapidly, people’s lives are at risk.

As per BBC article, there have been over seventy mass shootings in the America in 2023 alone. California experienced two such tragedic instances in January.

Late Alexandria Cress Borys’ untimely demise happened after a minor altercation with Christina Harrison. However, no one could have expected the latter to pull up a gun and murder Alexandria in cold blood.

As per a recent report, the culprit was “spit at” by the late South Carolina native during their argument.

Alexandria and alleged shooter Christina Harrison allegedly got into a furious disagreement in the supermarket’s parking lot about who had the right-of-way, according to witnesses. Borys was fatally shot in a Kroger’s parking lot afterward.

Alexandria was with a baby and another young child at that time. It’s horrifying to imagine that two little kids were present when she was shot to death.

Christina Harrison Mugshot
Image of Alexandria Cress Borys (Source: Twitter)

Chief Bobby Tale shared, “According to witnesses, the two exchanged some words, and that’s around the time Borys spit at Harrison. Borys turned away and was simultaneously shot by Harrison.”

Christina initially fled from the scene but later turned herself in. She is facing murder and weapons charges and is detained. More updates regarding her punishment and sentence are yet to be revealed.

The incident was heart-breaking, and it has affected both families. The Borys family lost their beloved member, and Christina is behind bars in her twenties.

A murder case will certainly cast a shadow in Harrison’s entire future. Not just her, her family must also be shocked by the turn of events.

Christina Harrison’s parents and family details have not been disclosed as of this writing. Her background, what she did for a living, and other information are yet to be revealed.

Alexandria’s tragic demise poses a question towards the US Gun Policy. While having a licensed gun for safety is needed, the lack of monitoring have led to the distribution of illegal firearms.

Due to easily accessible guns, the majority of Americans carry gun around. We all have the reports of mass shootings, attacks, and gun violence.

Hence, many plead for the country to tighten gun laws and implement them strictly. Not just murders we also have suicide cases from self-inflict gun wounds.

If this rate goes on, then safety of Americans will be severely affected. People will continuously loose their mother, brother, sister, and father to gun violence.

Hopefully, the mass shootings and gun violence rates will decrease in the States in the future. Hopefully, the nation will show more attention to these matters.

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