Some old Chiara Ferragni Skinny photos have been circulating on several social media pages, and her fans wonder if she has an eating disorder. 

Widely regarded for her influential blog, The Blonde Salad, Chiara Ferragni is an Italian blogger, model, and entrepreneur.

With her sensational photoshoots, appealing fashion choices, and charismatic presence, Chiara has captured the hearts of many viewers.

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Chiara Ferragni Skinny: Weight Loss Before And After Photos

Many fans have speculated about Chiara Ferragni Skinny photos and have come up with a rumor that she might’ve been “fat” during her early years, which might’ve triggered her alleged eating disorder.

However, the fashion designer has been vocal about her physical and mental health. She doesn’t have any sort of eating disorder, nor was she fat during the early years of her upbringing.

In a popular Reddit thread, one of her fans wrote, “If I saw her in public, I would assume she is naturally thin, though we can’t know for sure. She may have an eating disorder or temporarily dieted to fit the fashion industry’s expectations.”

It seems like she takes her health seriously, consciously restricts her intake, and engages in behaviors that may be considered disordered. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean she has a full-blown eating disorder.

Quite a few women, especially in the fashion industry, may eat too little or exercise excessively, but it doesn’t consume their thoughts about food or weight.

Chiara Ferragni Skinny
Chiara Ferragni Skinny: Glimpse of her life (Source: ED)

It’s possible to go on a diet without having an eating disorder, and I don’t think her “before” picture represents her natural weight. She likely led an unhealthy lifestyle during that time.

Additionally, she was a victim of Internet body shaming during her pregnancy but boldly responded to her haters. Post-labor baby weight cannot be called getting fat or overweight, as it is natural.

She received criticism from Corriere della Sera for openly embracing her baby weight. At the same time, her friends were described as having a different body shape following her sharing pictures from her hen Party in Ibiza on Instagram.

Ferragni expressed her anger on Instagram, calling out Corriere della Sera for labeling herself and her friends as “fat” and using the hashtag #BodyShamingIsForLosers.

Her recent pictures show that she has a petite frame and isn’t genetically inclined to carry excess fat.

Chiara Ferragni Has A Strong Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Chiara Ferragni’s physique has remained consistent throughout the years, showcasing her flawless beauty as a renowned model and influential figure in the beauty industry.

To maintain her shape, Chiara dedicates herself to daily 30-minute cardio workouts that tone her body and support heart health, digestion, and metabolism.

Chiara’s workout routine incorporates cardio exercises like jumping rope, jumping jacks, and burpees, which effectively burn fat, build strong muscles, and boost metabolism.

Pilates holds a special place in Chiara’s fitness regimen, enabling her to achieve a perfectly toned body that defies the impact of time. It enhances muscular strength, metabolism, and calorie burn.

Chiara Ferragni
Italian Model Chiara Ferragni is very conscious about her health and diet (Source: Glamour)

Although Chiara admits that her workout sessions are only sometimes consistent due to her busy schedule, she maximizes the intensity whenever she finds time for a good exercise session.

Chiara follows a well-balanced diet plan that embraces her Italian heritage. While she indulges in occasional treats like pasta and pizza, she prioritizes consuming ample vegetables and limits her intake of sugary foods.

She recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy sleep routine to complement her diet and exercise.

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