Chef Michael Eckles

Fans are curious to know who Chef Michael Eckles is. One of the chefs featured in the new Netflix series Pressure Cooker, Eckles will be sharing a living area and a kitchen while filming with others.

He is the owner of the Blooming Hills, Michigan-based private chef business Abode Fine Dining. According to its website, the restaurant’s cuisine focuses on seasonality and current cooking methods with French and Italian ingredients.

On the Netflix program, Mike claimed that at his former eatery, people called him “Big Mike.” He claims to be the tiniest person in the room, yet he always acts the biggest, which makes him highly competitive.

Mike is currently creating a reputation for himself in the culinary world and resides in Detroit, Michigan.

Michael is the owner and Private Chef of the Abode Fine Dining, along with sous-chef Marcus D’Onofrio.

The group was established to give guests a fine dining experience at their residence. Mike had experience with Coach Insignia before joining Adobe, and he even worked as a sous-chef for the James Beard-nominated restaurant Forest.

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Who Is Chef Michael Eckles? His Age Revealed

As for Chef Michael Eckles, he joined the Netflix program to demonstrate his culinary prowess to the globe.

He acknowledged having a competitive nature and revealed that at the restaurant where he had previously worked, people referred to him as “Big Mike.”

Moreover, he acted like the “largest” guy there; therefore, the label lingered around, although it had nothing to do with his physical appearance.

Chef Michael Eckles
A dish prepared by Private Chef Michael Eckles. (Source: Take a chef)

He also mentioned that he did not enjoy conversing with others and preferred to be with his food in the kitchen.

Mike was a little taken aback when he was placed fourth after the first challenge of the competition, in which each contender had to prepare a dish of their own choosing.

The chef was shocked to learn that he was chosen last when Renee Blackman and Lana Lagomarsini selected their teams for the second challenge.

As he believed himself to be one of the most skilled chefs in the competition, he decided to speak with his team leader, Lana, about the same.

Lana remarked that he needed to be more careful with his word choice and that his social skills were rather lacking.

Who Is Michael Eckles Wife?

Michael Eckles’swife’s details are yet to be revealed. He appears to be single. 

Mike is currently establishing himself in the food industry and resides in Detroit, Michigan.

Chef Michael Eckles
Michael Eckles Stars In Pressure Cooker Source: The Daily Beast

Mike manages the Abode Fine Dining and works as its Private Chef together with sous-chef Marcus D’Onofrio. The goal of the company was to offer others a fine dining experience at their residence.

Michael had previously worked for Coach Insignia and even worked as a sous-chef for the James Beard-nominated restaurant Forest before becoming a vital member of the Adobe team.

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What Is Michael Eckles Net Worth?

Unfortunately, Michael Eckles’ net worth is yet to be revealed. He is still growing his fame and followers.

On the other hand, even though Mike did not win the competition, the private chef excelled throughout the entire season.

Since the episode aired, Instagram users have been showing a lot of love and support for the delectable dishes served at Abode Fine Dining, which appears to be becoming stronger by the day.

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