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Get ready to experience the ultimate culinary competition with Netflix’s new reality series Pressure Cooker! It stars Chef Caroline Gutierrez.

Pressure Cooker is a cooking show where 11 professional chefs, including the talented Chef Caroline Gutierrez, go head to head for a cash prize and ultimate bragging rights.

Not only do they have to showcase their culinary skills and impress each other, but they also have to live together and vote each other out.

Expect to see lots of Drama as these chefs bring their A-game and showcase their unique personalities in this ultimate competition. You won’t want to miss a single episode!

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Who Is Chef Caroline Gutierrez From Pressure Cooker? 

Chef Caroline Gutierrez is a Miami native who discovered her passion for food while living in Los Angeles.

She enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu and trained to become a chef, working in Michelin-tiered restaurants before and after graduation.

She has gained experience working in top restaurants in Los Angeles, Spain, and most recently as a private chef serving families in Atlanta.

Chef Caroline has worked through the kitchen hierarchy from assistant chef to head chef before starting her own business in Atlanta.

She runs a boutique private chef service called Chefs C+M with her husband in Atlanta.

Her business specializes in globally inspired tasting menus that usually feature Japanese, Italian or Latin flavors.

Chef Caroline Gutierrez
Chef Caroline Gutierrez in Netflix Show “Pressure Cooker” (Source: Instagram)

Chef Caroline’s strategy is to be true to herself and showcase her love for food and life in the Pressure Cooker competition.

Chef Caroline Gutierrez Age And Husband

Chef Caroline Gutierrez is a 31-year-old private chef who owns her own business.

She got married on January 18, 2020, to her long-time boyfriend and fellow partner in her culinary business, Matthew Ryder.

Together, they run a boutique private chef service called Chefs C+M in Atlanta and provide virtual cooking classes.

Caroline has more than a decade of experience in the restaurant industry, and Matthew has a zealous and diverse culinary background.

Chef Caroline Gutierrez
Chef Caroline Gutierrez with her husband Matthew (Source: Instagram)

Caroline Gutierrez’s husband began his career in the restaurant industry at 14, washing dishes and learning to love the gratification behind delivering a fantastic meal.

He has an associate degree in Culinary Applied Sciences from Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, N.C. 

Matthew has also worked as a consultant, head chef, sous chef, and most recently, Executive Chef at the former Upscale Italian Restaurant, Donetto, in Atlanta.

They have versatile knowledge that spans many cuisines, giving them the ability to personalized menu making for various occasions.

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Chef Caroline Gutierrez Net Worth Explored

The net worth of Chef Caroline Gutierrez has yet to be disclosed publicly.

However, as a personal culinary business person, she has likely built her wealth through her private chef services, catering, and other culinary-related ventures.

Chefs C+M, which she runs with her husband, Matthew Ryder, likely generates income for her as well.

They offer globally inspired tasting menus, virtual cooking classes, and a personalized menu-making service.

With more than a decade of experience in the restaurant industry, Caroline has the skills and reputation for being able to charge premium rates for her services.

Chef Caroline Gutierrez
Chef Caroline Gutierrez with her friends at Tallula Restaurant (Source: Instagram)

She might have made money by taking on private cooking or catering jobs or through her meal delivery and meal prep services.

With Caroline’s versatile knowledge that spans many cuisines, she can offer personalized menu making, and this ability likely has helped her make a considerable amount of money.

She may also earn money through consultation services and recipe development.

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