Charles McGonigal wife

For the whole time when the case was running on Manhattan Federal Court, Charles McGonigal wife stayed with her husband supporting her on his difficult days.

Charles F. Charlie McGonigal, aka Charles McGonigal, is a former head of counterintelligence in the FBI, NYC field office. He served 18 crucial years as a federal employee.

But in January 2023, he was arrested for violating U.S. sanctions on Russia and several other illegal works.

Charlie, an FBI agent who led investigations over Russian billionaire Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska and other oligarchs, is charged for allegedly working for one of them.

McGonigal began his career with the FBI in 1996. He first served the New York Office (NYO), investigating Russian counterintelligence matters and organized crime cases.

Charles McGonigal wife has a close relationship with her husband. Pamela was reportedly seen with her husband during this challenging time, the period of the real-time test.

The former FBI agent, Charles McGonigal wife, left the Manhattan Federal Court after the police arraigned her husband on charges of code violation of U.S. sanctions on Russia.

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Former Federal Agent Charles McGonigal Wife: Pamela Fox McGonigal

As the official Potomac Officers Club website mentioned, Mr Charlie is married to Pamela Fox McGonigal. Charles McGonigal wife resides with her husband in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

According to the sources, the couple has been married for over 20 years and shares a close-knit relationship.

Recently when the court charged McGonigal with corruption and sanction violation, the lady was always aside from her husband.

Before working for the FBI, Charlie worked as a corporate banker. He is a highly educated person with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Charles McGonigal Wife Pamela Fox McGonigal
Charles McGonigal’s Wife, Pamela Fox, Leaving Manhattan Federal Court After Attendance. (Source: New York Post)

And according to reports, Charles McGonigal wife met him during college. Before getting married, they were friends for over a decade.

However, nothing much is discovered about Charles McGonigal wife, Pamela Fox, because the family keeps their life off the public eye.

After deep research, the sources discovered an Instagram account, @charl.esmcgonigal, a probable account of a former FBI agent. The report’s validity is in struggle, and further research is going on.

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Family And Kids Of Charles Charlie McGonigal

The former FBI agent, 54, was born in 1968 and raised in a Christian family in Ohio, America.

According to reports, he spent most of his childhood in Ohio and later shifted to California and other cities for studies.

Charles even spent a few years in Baltimore, Maryland. The former FBI personnel gained fame for his investigation against the Russian mafia.

Charles McGonigal wife
Charles F. Charlie McGonigal During His Working Days With FBI, NYC. (Source: Great Decisions)

Even though he covered headlines in the past, sources couldn’t discover much about his parents. His background remains a mystery after all these years.

According to the sources, when Charles McGonigal wife married her husband around the 1990s, the couple couldn’t give much time to each other.

However, they managed their life even after McGonigal’s busy schedule. And after Charle’s profession was finally stable, Pamela gave birth to two children around the 2000s.

As per rumours, the kids are twins, but McGonigal’s family never disclosed the gender of the children. Charles worked for the FBI in New York City field office, and for a federal agent, privacy is very crucial.

So to keep his family away from unwanted attention and danger, the McGonigal family kept the details of his kids, parents, and children secret.

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Net Worth Of Charles McGonigal: Legal And Illegal Assets Details

The former FBI agent, Charles McGonigal, estimated a net worth of around $3.75 million. These are the legally registered assets the 54– year-old man has.

Charles may be faking his assets as lower than reality because of his recently discovered relationship with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

The FBI veteran could go for long for allegedly accepting payments of more than half a million U.S. dollars from a former SHISH employee.

Charles Related with Russian
Former FBI Officer Found Linked With Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, Who He Once Investigated. (Source: MSN)

According to reports, McGonigal was dealing with money for the personal interests of the agency.

As an FBI agent and reputed former banker, he earned a lot of legally acceptable assets, but the recent discovery of his corrupt actions has questioned his legitimacy.

Police are investigating his assets, and further detailed information is in the discovery phase.

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  1. His wife Pamela works for the federal government, the Federal Highway Administration in Washington DC. I hope she is not in on her husbands crimes too.

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