California Shooting Suspect

The tragic murders of seven people and the severe injuries of one in the California shooting suspect are terrible tragedies for the state’s people.

After a shooting on Monday in Half Moon Bay, seven individuals are dead. Half Moon Bay resident Chunli Zhao, 67, was identified as the culprit and taken into prison.

Zhao’s background is currently widely undefined. According to the authorities, the shooting’s purpose is still under investigation.

Many people got ordered to stay in place, including the nearby Holy Family Children’s Center, which went into lockdown at about 3:20 pm.

According to the sheriff’s office, four persons were found dead at a nursery in the 12700 block of Cabrillo Highway. With possibly deadly injuries, another victim got rushed to Stanford Medical Center.

California Shooting Suspect Chunli Zhao Arrested

Chunli Zhao has been identified as the suspect by Police in the shooting in Half Moon Bay, California, and has got referred to locally in the media as a “disgruntled farm worker.”

In connection with a deadly mass shooting that occurred late on Monday in Half Moon Bay, California, a 67-year-old man has got arrested.

California Shooting Suspect
Chunli Zhao has been arrested in California Shooting. (Source: FOX 5 DC )

In two sites, a mile apart, in the coastal community south of San Francisco, the shooter shot seven people dead and badly wounded another.

The shooting occurred a few days after the southern California mass shooting in Monterey Park, which resulted in the deaths of 11 people.

Chunli Zhao was likely on his way to surrender himself when he stopped while waiting in his car in the parking lot of a Police station.

Videos of the arrest showed a uniformed Police officer and two plainclothes officers approaching the guy and withdrawing their weapons.

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California Shooting Suspect: 7 Killed In Mass Half Bay Mass Shooting

Per the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, a mass shooting in Half Moon Bay on Monday afternoon resulted in seven deaths across two locations.

The sheriff’s office reported that three additional shooting victims were found dead shortly after that incident in a different nursery at the Cabrillo Highway South.

California Shooting Suspect
The woman explained about the suspect of the California Shooting. (Source: ABC7 News )

Chunli Zhao, a 67-year-old resident of Half Moon Bay, has been named by the authorities as the suspect. After being discovered in his car at around 4:40 pm, he was taken to jail without incident.

In the video player above, the witness details the horrific arrest in a “very calm agricultural community,” as described.

Sheriff Christina Corpus of San Mateo County stated that the authorities thought Zhao was operating alone. It wasn’t immediately clear why the shooting spree happened.

According to Corpus, the victims are likely to be employees of the properties. According to Debbie Ruddock, a council member for Half Moon Bay, Chinese farmworkers are the victims.

California Shooting Suspect: Who Are The Victims?

Around 2:20 pm local time, Police responded to a report of a shooting involving numerous victims.

Officers discovered four dead victims with gunshot wounds at the Magic Mushroom Farm on San Mateo Road/Highway 92 when they arrived.

California Shooting Suspect
 Multiple people were shot and killed in Half Moon Bay, Calif., on Jan. 23, 2023. (Source: TIME )

A fifth victim of gunfire was injured critically and brought to Stanford University Medical Center.

At a second location, about a mile further south on Cabrillo Highway S./Highway 1, Police have found three additional dead victims, according to Corpus.

The shootings’ cause is currently unknown. The suspect, who the Police said operated alone, is believed to be a staff member at one of the locations.

Although the victims’ identities have not been public, Corpus stated they are “believed to be workers” at the two locations.

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