Bum Farto Wikipedia

Bum Farto wikipedia is not available. Farto became the fire chief of Key West’s fire station in the late 1960s.

Such a thrilling case is the disappearance of Bum Farto, fire chief of Key West.

Farto was born and raised in Key West and became the fire chief in 1964. But after serving in the position for more than a decade, he was convicted for conducting narcotrafficking.

Furthermore, Farto was caught after being photographed outside the Key West fire station selling cocaine to an undercover agent. 

Later, Bum Farto was convicted and sentenced to over 30 years in prison. But Farto jumped the bail and left Key West.

Two months later, authorities found his car parked in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. But since then, Bum Farto was never seen or caught by anyone.

Let’s talk more about Bum Farto wikipedia, age, his family, and his disappearance case in detail below.

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Bum Farto Wikipedia And Age

According to 24 North Hotel, Bum Farto was born on 3 July 1919 in Key West. His real name was Joseph Farto.

Farto grew up across the street from Kay West’s fire station. After he began working at a Fire station, he earned the nickname Bum and was usually called Bum Farto.

Bum Farto was known for his getup with trademark red leisure suits, flashy gold chains, and rose-colored glasses.

Furthermore, Farto had a luxury lime-green car with El Jefe or The Chief written on the license plate.

Farto was living a successful luxury life as a Fire Chef. Apart from his official work, he was accused of misusing department funds and threatening a fireman for cooperating with the investigation.

But, in 1976, Farto fell into serious trouble as he was spotted dealing cocaine with an undercover agent.

Bum Farto wikipedia
Bum Farto escaped bail in 1976. (Source: BUM FARTO The Musical)

Farto was caught by the Police as a part of the Operation Conch investigation conducted by agencies, including the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Florida Department of Criminal Law Enforcement.

Furthermore, Bum Farto was sentenced to over 30 years in Prison. But escaped bail and was never found again.

Some rumors arrived regarding Bum Farto being in Costa Rica and Spain. Some assumed he was killed by the mafia or Colombian kingpins to prevent their information from Farto.

But those were just assumptions, as Farto has not been found since his disappearance. He is over 100 years old now, and people believe he is dead.

It is unknown whether he is dead or alive, but the Bum Farto is declared deceased. But, still, Farto and his disappearance case are alive in court and law.

Bum Farto Parents And Siblings

Bum Farto was the son of Juan Farto and Juana Diaz, as per information extracted from Keys Weekl.  Farto’s father was from Budino, Spain, who later, emigrated to Key West through Cuba in 1902.

Juan Farto was a restaurateur, and he married Juana Diaz in 1909. Bum Farto’s mother was from the Canary Islands. The couple gave birth to three children, and Bum Furto was the youngest.

Bum Farto Wikipedia
Bum Farto was the youngest child of Juana Diaz and Juan Farto. (Source: Key West Florida Weekly)

Bum Farto’s father, Juan, was a chef, and he owned the Victoria Restaurant on Duval Street in 1917. Sadly, Juan Farto passed away in 1937, and the restaurant was sold to a man, Joe Russell.

Talking about Bum Farto’s siblings, he has two sisters. The older sister was Juanita, born in 1909, and the other sister was Maria, born in 1915.

Bum Farto Wife And Children

Bum Farto was married to his wife, Esther. The couple was together for about 21 years when Bum Farto disappeared.

The pair didn’t have any children. It was hard for Esther as she had to face his husband’s drug case and at the same time his disappearance.

Sources suggest that Farto left about $2000 in insurance policies. As per the rules, his wife also can receive Farto’s city pension of about $4000 to $5000.

However, Bum Farto’s disappearance made his family more stressed and shocked.

It’s still unknown truth about Bum Farto’s disappearance. What happened to him and where he went is still a question mark to the authorities after his disappearance for over four decades.

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