BTB Savage

A rising rapper, BTB Savage from San Antonio, was reportedly shot and killed in Houston on March 30, shortly after sharing his experience of killing an alleged robber on a YouTube channel.

He was raided and gunned down on the streets of Houston, Texas. From BTB Savage Autopsy Report to the present whereabouts of his killer, everything will be discussed here!

Why would an upcoming rapper be gunned down? Could it be because he posted a bloody photo that looked like a murder scene or because he bragged about killing an assassin in an interview?

BTB Savage Autopsy And Death Photos

According to a report by ABC 13, BTB Savage was fatally shot while in his vehicle around 6 pm on Thursday in Houston’s River Oak locality.

The news of BTB Savage’s Death (Real Name: Brian Thompson) has filled the internet after a video of his lifeless body lying on the ground went viral in a short clip uploaded on Twitter.

A white Mercedes-Benz filled with bullet holes was parked by the road while a Police Car was seen surrounding the lifeless body of a man lying on the ground.

BTB Savage Autopsy
The rapper got raided and gunned down in his white Mercedes-Benz | BTB Savage Autopsy Report Not Released Yet (Source: YouTube Shorts)

No news about BTB Savage Autopsy has been disclosed by the concerned authorities, probably because the report isn’t ready yet or because his family doesn’t want it to be public information.

On the other hand, several video footage was seen on several social media and video-sharing sites where it is seen that a Black Subaru was following BTB Savage’s car.

The video footage went immediately viral as the rapper, who had released a teaser of his new album ‘Too Much Motion’ the same day, had been gunned down on the streets of Houston.

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Is The Killer Of BTB Savage Arrested?

As of Sunday, April 02, no arrests have been made by the concerned Police department for the murder of American Rapper BTB Savage.

According to a report by KPRC, a drive-by shooting incident in which a rapper was killed involved two individuals wearing black sweatshirts and sunglasses and traveling in a black Subaru, with several bullet casings found at the scene.

It was unclear whether BTB Savage was involved in any Shady gang activities that would warrant a drive-by shooting; however, fans of the rapper revealed that he shared a cryptic post on his Twitter shortly before the incident.

BTB Tweet
The viral tweet BTB Rapper posted few days before his murder (Source: Twitter)

The rapper posted a picture near his kitchenette in an attempt to show off his wristwatch, but in the picture, BTB Savage was seen standing near a kitchenette that was smeared with dry blood.

This made fans question whose blood it was. He wrote in the picture’s caption, “Too much motion,” which is also the title of the original tape he was about to release.

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The Beef That Probably Got The Rapper Killed

Just a few days before the above-mentioned Twitter Post, Vlad TV interviewed BTB Savage about killing a man in his home.

In the interview, BTB revealed that he assisted/ordered his girlfriend in killing a robber as an act of self-defense due to the presence of a child in the House.

Additionally, the rapper was once involved in a murder case in 2017 after he reportedly murdered one guy and wounded another.

BTB Savage was arrested after owning up to his actions but was eventually released due to lack of proof. 

BTB Savage
BTB Savage had been arrested for murder multiple times before his death (Source: Instagram)

Many people believe that he was killed to avenge the death of who was killed during the home invasion he bragged about on Vlad TV.

The rapper is now survived by his 4-year-old son. We will soon update you about every detail publicized from the authorities concerned about this tragic incident and BTB Savage Autopsy Report.

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