Heather Mitchell Husband

Actress Heather Mitchell Husband is cinematographer Martin McGrath. The couple met on a film set in Broken Hill in 1989.

They started dating soon after, but true love could have been smoother. When McGrath proposed for the first time, Mitchell said no.

Heather Lee Mitchell (born 1958) is an Australian actress who appears in Australian stage, television, and film productions.

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Blaze: Who Is Heather Mitchell Husband Martin McGrath?

Australian actress Heather Mitchell from Blaze is married to cinematographer Martin McGrath.

Martin McGrath is one of the experienced cinematographers from Australia. His credits include 30 feature films, including Muriel’s Wedding and Jocelyn Morehouse’s Proof.

McGrath has also filmed TV in Australia (Rake and Jack Irish), the UK (Evicted), and the US (series 3 of Difficult People). 

The couple met on a film set in Broken Hill in 1989.

Heather Mitchell Husband
Actress Heather Mitchell and her husband attend the Australian premiere of ‘Three Blind Mice’ at the State Theatre on June 8, 2008, in Sydney, Australia. (Source: Getty image)

The couple started dating as soon as they got back to Sydney from Broken Hill [in far west NSW] after making a short film called The Water Trolley.

Martin traveled in from Melbourne for the actress’ birthday in October 1990 while she was performing Burn This at the Sydney Theater Company and reserved a hotel room for the night.

At 2 am, he got down on one knee and offered her a ring. However, the actress didn’t accept the proposal the first time.

After three months of the proposal, Mitchell said she wanted to get hitched to the cinematographer. Eventually, they got married in February 1992.

The pair has two kids together: Finn and Seamus.

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Heather Mitchell Family Parents

Mitchell, the youngest of three children, was born in Korea in 1958, where her American forester father, Red, was working on a large-scale tree-planting project.

A Kansas-born Quaker, Mitchell’s father was imprisoned as one of America’s first conscientious objectors of World War II.

Her Father married Mitchell’s Australian mother, Shirley Price, working for the United Nations in Shanghai.

Heather Mitchell Husband
Heather Mitchell as a young girl dressing up (Source: SMH)

After a few years in Jamaica, they returned to Sydney, where Shirley’s close Jewish family lived in Coogee on the beach.

They settled in Camden, where Red found work in the Forestry Commission catchments around Warragamba Dam.

When Mitchell was 10, her mother was diagnosed with leukemia.

Her mother died when she was 17. 

Before her death, Shirley became a Taoist, and after she died, the Mitchell family practiced Transcendental Meditation—something Mitchell still does today.

Heather Mitchell Net Worth And Earnings Explored

According to Net Worth Post, the net worth of Heather Mitchell is estimated to be $400,000 approximately.

However, there is no concrete evidence of the exact figure of her net worth. The data is based on the available information found on the internet.

The major income source of Heather Mitchell is her successful career as an actress.

She acted in her first school play and applied to NIDA after a year at an art school.

Heather Mitchell Husband
Bryan Brown, Richard E Grant, Greta Scacchi and Heather Mitchell in Palm Beach, directed by Rachel Ward. (Source: SMH)

After graduating in 1980, she signed up with agent Bill Shanahan, who represented Mel Gibson, Judy Davis, and Colin Friels, and began working with STC in 1981.

In the early 1980s, she went to Los Angeles and applied to the talent agency ICM.

Mitchell has a distinctly sweet voice, but as an Australian, she was advised to go for Irish roles rather than attempt an American accent.

The actress then decided to return to Sydney, where there was plenty of stage work.

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