Fans are curious to know about BamBam Brother Beer and Bank and his younger sister Hataichanok Bhuwakul. Did you know all of BamBam’s siblings are pretty famous in the entertainment industry? 

BamBam is widely known for being a K-pop artist with his electrifying dance moves and charismatic stage presence, and he is recognized as a member of the globally acclaimed group, Got7.

The winds of change blew fiercely for BamBam in 2021 as he inked a groundbreaking contract with Abyss Company, igniting a fiery new chapter in his career, promising boundless artistic exploration, and unlocking hidden realms of creativity.

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Meet BamBam Brother Beer And Bank

Beer, the older brother of BamBam, possesses a marketing degree and is the proud owner of a delightful baking cafe situated in Thailand.

With an impressive following of over 40K on his YouTube channel and Instagram account, Beer graciously grants glimpses into his cherished family life.

Whenever BamBam and the esteemed members of GOT7 grace Thailand with their presence, Beer is often found enjoying their company, creating unforgettable memories.

Bank, the accomplished older brother of BamBam, has established his own dance studio, renowned as ‘B HOUSE STUDIO,’ where he captivates audiences with his exceptional dancing talent.

BamBam Brother, Bank was on the verge of mesmerizing spectators with a remarkable dance cover of Rain’s performance during a competition, an incident that ultimately guided BamBam to embark on his journey with JYP Entertainment had it not been for his untimely illness.

BamBam Brother
BamBam Brother Beer And Bank, Sister Hataichanok Bhuwakul (Source: Otaku Kart)

When the opportunity arises, Beer and Bank delightfully collaborate with BamBam, crafting enthralling dance videos that exude infectious energy.

At his esteemed dance studio, Bank assumes the roles of a dance choreographer and instructor, imparting his profound passion and expertise to budding dancers.

With a staggering following of over 195k on his personal Instagram account, Beer takes pleasure in showcasing his delectable baking creations while also chronicling his enchanting experiences alongside cherished family and friends.

Meet BamBam Sister Hataichanok Bhuwakul

Hataichanok Bhuwakul, or the delightful ‘MyBaby,’ charms an impressive following of over 376K on her Instagram account, all captivated by her magnetic presence.

With an enduring social media presence, Hataichanok has artfully woven a tapestry of engagement with her loyal followers over an extended period.

The recent sighting of BamBam and Hataichanok participating in the electrifying ‘who are you’ challenge epitomized their extraordinary talents, leaving audiences awe-inspired.

A heartwarming video captured the essence of sibling camaraderie as BamBam gleamed with pride, witnessing his younger sister flawlessly emulate the dance steps, evoking adoration from their adoring fans.

The uncanny resemblance between BamBam and Hataichanok often perplexes admirers, leading them to question if the duo may indeed be secret twins, further fueling their fascination.

BamBam Sisiter
BamBam and his Sister Hataichanok Bhuwakul: Before & Now (Source: Otaku Kart)

In a significant milestone, Hataichanok graduated from Assumption University, Suvarnabhumi Campus in December 2021, cementing her status as an influential figure with a wide-reaching impact.

Hataichanok’s avid followers eagerly seek her guidance on reviewing idyllic resorts and delectable dining destinations across Thailand and the secrets behind her radiant beauty regimen.

The vivacious Hataichanok has forged meaningful connections with esteemed Thai K-pop stars and can proudly count Blackpink’s Lisa as a cherished friend.

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BamBam Path to Superstardom

BamBam, known by his funky name inspired by Bamm-Bamm Rubble, rocks a family of four, including his badass mom and three awesome siblings.

Fueled by his mother’s fanatical love for Rain, BamBam caught the Korean culture bug early on and set his sights on conquering the music world as a singer.

Kicking off at the mere age of 10, BamBam unleashed his killer dance moves and silky vocals, joining forces with the unstoppable dance crew We Zaa Cool, where he jammed with none other than the sensational Blackpink’s Lisa.

Domination was in BamBam’s blood as he claimed victory after victory in epic dance showdowns, including the legendary Thailand Rain Cover Dance Competition of 2007.

BamBam is one of the most fan-loved Got7 Members (Source: Rolling Stone)

The prodigious talent of BamBam couldn’t be contained within borders, as he wowed the judges at the JYP World Tour Audition in Thailand at the tender age of 13, ultimately leading him on a journey to South Korea to sharpen his skills as a trainee.

Bursting onto the scene with explosive energy, BamBam made his grand debut as an integral member of the phenomenal Got7 crew, earning him his rightful place in the spotlight.

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