Ava Wood Death

Ava Wood Death shocked the people as she was discovered dead with gunshot wounds to the head on January 20, 2023.

Ava Wood, a 14-year-old honor roll student, was discovered dead with gunshot wounds to the head on January 20, 2023.

She was a student-athlete and a ninth-grader at Durgee Jr. High School in Baldwinsville. A memorial ceremony was conducted for her on Sunday. Her soccer coaches talked highly of her as a person and player.

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Her killing represented the second murder of a young girl in Central New York in the same week, following the murder of 11-year-old Brexialee Torres-Ortiz in a drive-by shooting on the night of January 16.

Ava Wood Death: Was She Murdered? What Happened To Her? 

Ava, a ninth-grader, did not arrive at Durgee Junior High School on Friday morning.

She was discovered dead that morning at 6 Triangle Place in Baldwinsville, where she shared a residence with her Father, Christopher Wood, 51.

Ava Wood Death
Ava Wood Instagram Picture (source: Okaybliss)

According to authorities, she was killed by a deadly shot. Her Father committed suicide in an apparent murder-suicide, which authorities are now investigating. According to authorities, they were discovered dead in two different bedrooms, with Ava found in a bed.

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According to the source, officers were dispatched to the residence at 8:30 am for a status check after the victim’s mother contacted 911 to report that her daughter had not arrived at school.

The mom told dispatchers that the kid was at home with her Father, who was despondent and had warned her the night before, “This is how it ends for us,” according to the mom.

When Police arrived, they entered the residence using the House keys the mother had provided them, where they discovered the pair’s deaths with gunshot wounds in different beds, according to CNY Central. 

The Father’s wound seemed to be self-inflicted, according to officials. Christopher Wood had sent threatening text messages to his wife two days before the event.

According to Syracuse.com, Ava Wood’s mother informed Police that on the night of January 19, 2022, she called Christopher, and he told her:

Ava Wood Death: Was She Found Dead With Her Father Christopher Wood?

Christopher Wood, 51, shot his daughter, Ava Wood, before turning the gun on himself inside his Baldwinsville, N.Y. home on January 20, according to The Post-Standard.

Ava was discovered in a different room from her Father, and both had deadly gunshot wounds to the head, with Christopher’s wound appearing to be self-inflicted.

Ava Wood Death
Ava Wood Death Aftermath (source: Okaybliss)

After the girl’s mother, Heather Wood, reported no response at their door and Ava did not depart for school, the remains were discovered during a welfare check at the property, 6 Triangle Place.

According to authorities, Christopher Wood and his wife, Heather Wood, were married but estranged and lived separately at the time of the event.

According to the information presented, Ava, a ninth-grader, did not arrive at school on Friday morning and was discovered dead in the home she shared with her Father.

Heather Wood, Ava’s mother, called 911 and said that neither her daughter nor her Father was responding to calls or knocking at the front door. The cops found the heartbreaking scenario after entering the residence with Heather’s keys.

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