Maja Christiansen is rumored of being Arthur Hakalahti girlfriend.

Fans are curious about who might be Viking Wolf cast Arthur Hakalahti Girlfriend Maja Christiansen. We have details of his dating history and relationships.

Immensely popular for his personality and unique style, Arthur Hakahlati is a familiar name in the Norwegian film industry. He appeared in movies and tv shows Ida Takes Charge, Three wishes for Cinderella, and The King’s Choice.

Hakalahti’s amazing onscreen presence and magnetic personality earned him a massive fan following. Arthur’s reputation makes him a most promising young actor. Since fans wish to learn about Arthur Hakahlati’s love life, and family, we discover his personal life in short.

Viking Wolf: Is Arthur Hakalahti Girlfriend Maja Christiansen?

For the Arthur Hakalahti shippers, the Viking Wolf cast, one of the dense mysteries has been the identity of the lady who stole the heart of the aspiring actor. Does he have any “girlfriends” in real life?

On top of his popularity, Arthur has kept his love life under the radar, leaving fans to guess who the lucky lady behind the mask might be. 

Viking Wolf: Is Arthur Hakalahti Girlfriend Maja Christiansen? Dating Rumors And Relationship
Arthur Hakalahti Girlfriend Maja Christiansen is a famous Norwegian actress. source: Instagram



Hakalati, despite being a public figure, prefers keeping his private life low profile. News has been swirling for a time being about who his dream girl could be.

Viking Wolf: Is Arthur Hakalahti Girlfriend Maja Christiansen? Dating Rumors And Relationship
Maja Christiansen is an aspiring Norwegian actress. Source: Instagram.

Some reliable sources claim Maja Christiansen is “Arthur Halahlati’s girlfriend”. And, he is seeing a Norwegian singer and actress for years. One can see “An Affair” cast on Arthur Hakalahti Girlfriend Maja Christainsen’s Instagram handle. They seem to like each other as well.

Also, “who dated who,” says, Maja Christiansen hasn’t dated any men before and after Arthur Akahlati. However, the Viking star hesitates to talk about his relationship in public. 

How Rich Is Viking Wolf star Arthur Hakalahti?

The 27-year-old Norwegian actor established a name for himself in the Hollywood industry in a short time span. He possesses a staggering net worth of $1 to $2 million as of 2023.

Hakalahti seems to double his wealth in the upcoming days as he has been demanded actor nowadays. He received prestigious awards such as Golden Screen Nominee, June Award, and Jury Prize Nominee for The Birdcatcher in 2019.

Arthur Hakalahti appears in horror movie Viking Wolf.
Arthur Hakalahti is set to play the lead actor in Viking Wolf. Source:

Arthur Hakalahti is set to appear in the Netflix hit movie Viking Wolf. And the show released on 3rd February 2023. The horror movie was directed by Stig Svendsen. Arthur shares the screen alongside Marius Lien and Liv Mjones.

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Viking Wolf Cast Arthur Hakalahti: Movies And TV Shows

Arthur Hakalahti, 27, has quickly become Norway’s one of most sought actors due to his undeniable talent and striking good looks. He has wowed critics and viewers with amazing performances.

He started acting with a breakout role in The King’s Choice. His other notable acting credit includes Ida Takes Change and Three Wishes for Cinderella. Hakalahti came to the limelight after he played Stian Borg in Hotel Caeser in 2014.

Arthur Hakahlati was born on October 8 1995 to Norwegian parents. He spent his childhood in Bodo Nordland, Norway. His mother is a professional musician, while his father is a lecturer at Norway University.

Hakalahti grew up in an artistic background where his family members run a musical talent. At a young age, Arthur learned to play instruments. This is why people adore him as a charismatic cum captivative performer.

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