Fans are curious about Arteezy Girlfriend Dove and their wonderful dating life. The couple has blessed the eSports community with one of the most wholesome romantic stories.

Arteezy, the formidable Dota 2 player representing Shopify Rebellion, has made a name for himself as “天鸽.” Hailing from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Arteezy now calls Vancouver, Canada, his home.

Before his Dota 2 journey, he showcased his prowess in the original DOTA and Starcraft II, mastering the Protoss race.

Who Is Arteezy Girlfriend Dove? Relationship Timeline And Dating History

Arteezy, an exceptional professional Dota 2 player and the carry for Shopify Rebellion is making waves in the gaming world. A thrilling Dota 2 match unfolded as Arteezy played the supportive role while his girlfriend Dove took charge as the formidable carry.

The in-game name “天鸽” that he goes by is a nod to his girlfriend’s name, Dove (张天鸽). Arteezy’s girlfriend is Zhang “Dove” Tiang, a Chinese host and caster in the Dota 2 community.

The electrifying gameplay video of their match has ignited excitement among fans and the gaming community, creating quite a buzz.

Arteezy Girlfriend
Arteezy Girlfriend Dove: Relationship Timeline And Dating History (Source: Instagram)

Arteezy showcased his remarkable skills, securing an impressive number of kills while ensuring Dove also had her moment to shine. In just 32 intense minutes, their coordinated efforts led to a victorious outcome, leaving spectators in awe.

Dove, who goes by the Instagram handle @dodoveveve, has garnered a substantial following of 33.6K fans, and her association with Mars TV adds to her appeal.

She hosts Dota 2 events and serves as Arteezy’s photographer, capturing precious moments with their adorable canine companions, Meepo and Yoda.

Arteezy and Dove’s love story commenced in 2018, sparked by their shared passion for professional Dota 2 esports.

Arteezy Christmas
Arteezy Girlfriend Dove celebrated the 2020 Christmas with the pro Dota player (Source: Instagram)

Following the 2019 season, the couple embarked on an enchanting journey together, venturing to Japan and creating unforgettable memories.

On April 7, 2023, they commemorated an incredible milestone, celebrating their remarkable fifth anniversary as a couple, leaving everyone in awe. Their relationship symbolizes an extraordinary fusion of love and gaming, captivating the hearts of fans and enthusiasts alike.

Fans eagerly continue to support and follow their enchanting journey, standing by their side through the highs and lows of their professional gaming careers and their beautiful bond as a couple.

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A Journey of Dota 2 Dominance and Triumph

Embarking on an adventure in April 2013, Arteezy joined forces with Kaipi and the illustrious ComeWithMe.

However, four months later, he bid farewell to the team, refocusing on his educational pursuits.

Unbeknownst to many, Arteezy’s path to success included a victorious stint with the casual team Take Five in the RaidCall EMS ONE Fall Americas.

Destiny intervened when Arteezy seized the opportunity to fill in for bOne7 in Speed Gaming, delivering an awe-inspiring triumph against Team DK in the MLG Columbus finals.

The inception of S A D B O Y S in January 2014, alongside UNiVeRsE, Fear, pp, and zai, marked a turning point as they evolved into the esteemed Evil Geniuses Dota 2 squad.

Arteezy’s magnetic presence in the mid-lane propelled EG’s ascent to the upper echelons of the global Dota 2 scene. The International 2014 witnessed EG’s formidable performance, culminating in a commendable third-place finish and a seven-figure cash prize.

A brief sojourn with Team Secret in 2015 showcased Arteezy’s dominance, sweeping through tournaments gracefully.

Arteezy was with Evil Geniuses for six years before he joined Shopify Rebellion (Source: Instagram)

Returning to the familiar embrace of Evil Geniuses after The International 2015, Arteezy consistently ranked among the top contenders, save for a momentous victory at The Summit 4.

The allure of Team Secret beckoned once more, yet the partnership proved transient following a lacklustre showing at The International 2016.

September 15, 2016, witnessed Arteezy’s triumphant reunion with Evil Geniuses, donning the carry role with conviction, and he stayed there till November 2022 and won several tournaments with the team.

Later, he became a member of Shopify Rebellion on December 9, 2022, and showcased his exceptional skill with the highest average kills per game (9.36) in Tour 1 of the 2023 DPC NA Upper Division.

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