Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal

Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal: Mildred Baena, who had worked as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-housekeeper for nearly 20 years, was involved in an affair with the Actor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose full name is Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, was born in Thal, a town close to Graz, Austria, on July 30, 1947. An American bodybuilder, Actor, and politician, he first gained notoriety for his roles in popular action films and later held the office of governor of California.

Schwarzenegger was called the Styrian Oak or Austrian Oak in the bodybuilding world, where he outclassed his rivals. In 1967, he captured his first amateur Mr. Universe crown.

Moreover, He won three additional Mr. Universe titles after relocating to California in 1968 to train and participate in more excellent competitions in the United States. Before quitting the sport, he subsequently won the professional Mr. Olympics title six years in a row (1970–75).

He shocked the bodybuilding community by competing again in 1980 to win the Mr. Olympia title.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal Explained: Cheated On His Wife With Mildred Baena

In 1996, Mildred Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger were involved romantically. The Actor is said to have stayed behind while the family was on holiday because he was filming a movie. On October 2, 1997, Joseph was born.

Arnold was initially sure that Joseph’s Father was Mildred’s husband but soon noticed that Joseph was beginning to resemble him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal
Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal with his house mistress (Source: Indiatvnews)

Finally, she resigned and told the L.A. Times that she received a retirement settlement and “left on good terms with them.” The Los Angeles Times first learned of the affair in 2011, after which it was kept a secret.

Arnold decided to address the infidelity suspicions surrounding his marriage while Joseph’s identification became public.

The Los Angeles Times, he first learned about the scandal in 2011, after which the affair was maintained under wraps. At the same time as Joseph’s identity became public, Arnold decided to address the marriage-related infidelity rumors.

Before her retirement in 2011, Mildred spent almost 20 years working for the family.

How did maria find out about the affair?

In a session of therapy with Arnold, Maria Shriver, who was skeptical of the youngster, confronted Arnold. When the revelation came, Arnold also apologized to his wife and kids, claiming that he was “really sorry” for what had transpired with Mildred.

Many believe that Arnold and Maria’s separation in 2011 was caused by adultery.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal
Arnold Schwarzenegger with his ex wife (Source: People)

“Thank you all for the generosity, support, and compassion,” Maria wrote on Twitter after the divorce was finalized. The love has made me feel lowly.

Arnold and Maria divorced on December 28, 2021, ten years after the divorce proceedings had begun.

The site claims many factors were at play in why the divorce took so long. They identified the leading causes as a lack of motivation and issues with property settlement agreements.

Arnold and Maria decided to part ways, and both have since gone on.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Father of four kids.

Two daughters and two sons, totaling four, are shared by Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife Maria Shriver. Katherine Schwarzenegger.

His eldest child was born on December 13, 1989. She became an author as she grew older. Christina, Schwarzenegger’s younger daughter, was born on July 23, 1991. Christina decided to pursue acting as a career in the same vein as her Father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal
Arnold Schwarzenegger with his children and ex wife (Source:

Patrick, Schwarzenegger’s oldest son and third child, was born on September 18, 1993. Patrick has his Father’s traits of being an Actor, investor, and business owner.

The couple’s youngest child, Christopher Schwarzenegger, was born on September 27, 1997. In contrast to the rest of his family, Christopher wants to avoid the spotlight. As a result, little is known about him.

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