The news of Grand Rapids DJ Aris Hampers Death shocked everyone who knew and worked with him. He was known to be a compassionate and career-driven radio icon.

Aris had a four decades-long lucrative career working at many local radio stations. He was a part of the Grand Rapids, a groundbreaking rock n’ roll radio station.

In this article, we will cover everything related to Aris Hampers Death, reminisce about his career and talk about his struggles with Cancer.  

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Aris Hampers Death And Obituary: How Did Grand Rapids DJ Die?

The reason behind Aris Hampers Death has not been specified; however, people believe it’s because of Cancer.

The Grand Rapids DJ died at the age of 73, and there is limited information about his funeral proceedings for the time being. 

In December 2019, Aris wrote of his being silenced by Cancer for almost three years. He started to notice a change in his voice in February 2016.

He had gone to his doctor for a checkup, and they sent him off saying there was nothing wrong with his voice, but later in the winter of 2018, they found a 1-1/2 inch cancerous tumour on his windpipe.

Aris Hampers Death
Grand Rapids Aris Hampers Death (Source: Mix95.7)

Aris’ larynx was beyond help by the damage caused by the tumour, and he told me in December 2020 that he was broken but still there. 

The Cancer had taken his mother’s life 30 years ago, and it’s highly likely that the “non-invasive Cancer” is the reason for Aris Hampers Death.

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Aris Hampers On The Air: Grand Rapids DJ 

Aris Hampers worked as a DJ in local radio stations throughout his life. His four decades-long career embarked on its first journey when he joined a local radio in WLAV.

He then started getting jobs at many local radio stations, including the groundbreaking rock n’ roll radio in Grand Rapids.

He was a hardworking man who gave his all to air shifts, and his progressive style of the station influenced many other radio stations. 

Out of many other rumours, one still rings a bell to many of his colleagues. There was a rumour that he had a metronome in the radio studio with him so that the beat would be the same during music transitions.

Aris Hampers
Aris Hampers with Dave Taft and The Intersections (Source: Facebook)

 Aris’ techniques in his radio station job as a DJ were very subtle. He always made the beat the same when he faded from one song to another for the listening pleasure of his listeners. 

After working in WLAV for a while, he moved to FOX 101 and later to WKLQ. The Brew (101.3) was his last air shift in Grand Rapids before he officially retired.

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Aris Hampers Interest in Music and Movies

Most people know Aris Hampers as the DJ for Grand Rapids, but only a few know about his musical career. 

His love of music began at an early age, and as a young man, he was the keyboardist and vocalist for a band called “The Soul Benders” in the late 60s. 

They even have a local hit single track called “I Can’t Believe in Love”, which gained widespread fame in 1967. Later, the band changed its name to Phlegethon.

Aris Hampers
Aris Hampers with Pete Bruinsma in WYCE (Source: Facebook)

 Hampers also opened a disc shop on 28th Street that predominately featured music albums and movies on laser disc. His disc shop later moved from Knapp’s Corner to Celebration Cinema.

His shop allowed him to sell some of his vast album collections that were left untouched in the basement of his home. 

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