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Big Ed and Lizz are hot topics among the viewers of 90 Day Fiance. They want to know what happened in their relationship over all these years. 

Big Ed is originally Edward Allen Brown, who rose to fame in the entertainment world as a television personality. 

Brown made his on-screen debut by appearing on the spin-off 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days in 2020. 

The viewers of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days loved him for his entertaining personality and amusing relationship with his show’s girlfriend, Rose Vega, but they separated shortly after the show. 

However, Brown rose to prominence in another spin-off, 90 Days: The Single Life, where the viewers loved seeing him with his girlfriend, Lizz Woods.

Are Big Ed And Liz Break Up?

As mentioned earlier, Big Ed meets his girlfriend through season one of  90 Days: The Single Life. 

However, Brown met Liz in his favorite restaurant where Woods used to work as a manager. 

It shouldn’t be surprising to people that Liz and Edward had shared a messy 90 Days Fiance franchise relationship. 

They had a tangled relationship between breaking up and reconnecting, starting their relationship journey from 90 Days: The Single Life.

Big Ed
Big Ed with his partner Lizz Woods. (Source: People)

The pair appeared in the 7th season of 90 Day Finance: Happily Ever After? Where they aired their consistent issues in their relationship. 

According to reports, Liz was dumped eight times through text by Big Ed during their two-year relationship. 

They parted many times but reconnected several times, and fans were really confused about their relationship status. 

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What Happened Between Brown And Woods?

Edward surprised the fans and the cast members of Happily Ever After in season 7 of tell-all, treating Lizz like no one. 

In tell-all, Lizz shared that Ed broke up with her & told her to move out of the home, which is too harsh. 

Following the information of inTouch, Brown was seeing Asian dating websites and also talked with his ex-girlfriend for a few months.

Also, Big Ed asked for his engagement ring, but following all these dramas, they were still together. 

It was shocking when Edward shared the compilation of videos regarding their relationship timeline on December 2022 on his Instagram, giving signs of their being together. 

It is an unclear relationship between Brown and Woods, and the final quit from both is not confirmed. 

Fans are not able to believe their parting as Lizz always drags her sharing life with Ed despite all these breakups and conflicts. 

The breakup of Big Ed and Liz needs to be clarified as official news is not available, and only speculations have been made.

The Details Of Family And Kids 

Edward Allen Brown hasn’t shown much interest in digging in towards the details of his family. 

However, Edward loves his mother, and her name is Norma Allen Brown, per details of National Today. 

There are not many details regarding the family details of Lizz, and nothing is found on the Internet about them. 

Although Ed and Liz have been in many headlines regarding their relationship, they haven’t shared a kid. 

From the relationship over two years, the couple hasn’t shared a kid from their romantic bonding. 

Is Liz Partner Big Ed Active On Social Networking Sites? 

Big Ed is a television and social media personality who stays active on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. 

Many Youtube viewers may recognize him as a youtube content creator with over 45 thousand subscribers. 

Big Ed
The Instagram post shared by Big Ed (Source: Instagram)

You can grab his updates more often on his Instagram, with over 500 thousand followers sharing his daily content and other stuff. 

 Brown is utilizing all these digital platforms to earn money and interact with thousands of his fans through these social sites. 

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