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Aqua Babe Scandal: The videos of Aqua Babe being “kidnapped” and violently attacked have been leaked online. Find out more about this scandal here!

Dylan Maes has been trending daily on Twitter for a week now. After the scandal around Maeva Ghennam, a big story has been brought up to date, dating back several years. 

He filmed himself kidnapping and hitting Aqua Babe, a transexual content creator and music artist, and the video went completely viral on TikTok. 

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Aqua Babe Scandal: Why Is Her Viral Video Trending On the Internet?

On October 24, 2022, a TikTok user (@ismi_nm) leaked a video of Dylan Maes driving a car, and Aqua Babe was in the rear-end seat of the vehicle held captive. 

After the video became popular, numerous viewers commented on the in-video caption, “Meanwhile, Dylan Maes Kidnapping Aqua Babe.”

The video showed Dylan Maes singing a song relaxedly while Aqua Babe, who was said to have been abducted, appeared visibly angry in front of the camera.

Aqua Babe Scandal
Aqua Babe Scandal: Why Is Her Viral Video Trending On TikTok? (Source: TikTok)

Most of their fans thought it was a joke between two content creators, and one of the viewers commented, “Stop believing everything. It’s not sure it’s just he pulls a weird head. There’s no info that he kidnapped her.”

However, after a few days, another video got leaked on TikTok in which Aqua Babe was seen bruised and beaten up on a hospital stretcher getting medical attention.

While there are several other feuds and controversies with people involved in rap music because of the involvement of a transexual artist being allegedly kidnapped and beaten up, Aqua Babe’s case has been gaining excess media clout.

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Aqua Babe Scandal Update: Where is she?

A video recently got out on TikTok where Aqua Babe is again getting medical treatments after a tragic, violent attack from two unknown 30-year-old people.

The video stated that Aqua Babe had a Right shoulder dislocation and received cranial trauma. It also said that Aqua Babe was mentally unstable.

A person claimed that Maes only targets individuals who are considerably weaker than him and suggested that he would never attempt such behavior against someone like Kaaris.

However, many claimed that the ‘Aqua Babe Scandal’ was staged entirely for media clout.

One of the viewers commented that Maes was a homophobic prick and the video was all a staged act. Additionally, they commented that it was a disgrace that they would subject AquaBabe to such violence. 

Regarding Aqua Babe, she is believed to be aware of the nature of her job and sexuality and the expectations of being in the public eye.

Many TikTok Content Creators reacted to Aqua Babe Scandal, including Chris Munivers (Source: TikTok)

In a TikTok Comment, one viewer said that if Aqua Babe does not wish to be the subject of discussion, she should consider abandoning his aspirations of fame since it is a natural consequence of being in the public eye.

This is simply the reality of the industry, and if her singing voice is not suitable for the profession, then it may be best for him to explore other career options.

From LGBTQ Community to Rap Music Enthusiasts, most people are trying to cancel Dylan Maes for his pathetic act. Many activists also want him to be jailed for what he did to Aqua Babe and others.

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