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Marc Allum wikipedia page garners frequent online searches due to his extensive 24-year tenure as a generalist on the Antiques Roadshow.

Marc Allum, hailing from Wiltshire, is a freelance consultant, writer, and broadcaster specializing in art and antiques.

Since 1998, he has been a miscellaneous specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow, a platform from which he has frequently appeared on various television and radio programs.

In addition to his broadcasting endeavors, Marc is a regular contributor to mainstream magazines, an accomplished author, a trusted antiques consultant, and a well-regarded lecturer.

Before his journey with the Antiques Roadshow, Marc’s career trajectory encompassed roles as a sound engineer and later as a Director within a prominent London auction house.

His wide-ranging interests encompass antiquities, ethnographic artifacts, Georgian glassware, The Grand Tour, 20th-century design, and various works of art. Now, continue reading to learn Marc Allum wikipedia.

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Marc Allum Wikipedia: Has He Been Featured On It?

Marc Allum wikipedia is often searched on the internet but has yet to feature his name on it.

While Marc Allum may not have a Wikipedia page bearing his name, his IMDb profile provides a glimpse into his multifaceted career.

Similarly, it is a valuable resource for those interested in learning more about his professional journey and achievements in broadcasting and journalism.

Marc Allum Wikipedia
Marc Allum poses for a photo in 2021 (Source: Learningwithexperts)

As per IMDb profile, he has held the role of a versatile specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow, frequently appearing on many television and radio programs since 1998.

In addition to his broadcasting commitments, Marc consistently contributes to popular magazines, assuming the roles of an author, consultant in the field of antiques, and a sought-after lecturer.

Further, Marc holds the esteemed title of Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and is renowned for his genuine enthusiasm and distinctive ability to uncover the extraordinary.

He possesses a unique and captivating style, openly admitting to being a dedicated collector with a penchant for the unusual.

Marc Allum Age: How Old Is He?

Marc Allum has chosen to maintain privacy regarding his personal information, particularly his age and date of birth.

Consequently, no official disclosure of these details is available to the public. However, based on his appearance and extensive professional experience, he is likely around 50.

Marc Allum Wikipedia
Marc Allum dedicates meaningful moments to spending quality time and graciously posing for photographs (Source: Twitter)

This preference for discretion regarding his personal life also extends to other aspects.

Similarly, Marc has made a deliberate effort to distance his details from media attention, and as a result, not much is known about his private life, family, or background outside of his professional pursuits.

Further, his focus is primarily on his art, antiques, broadcasting, and writing work, leaving the finer details of his personal life shrouded in mystery.

Who Is Marc Allum Wife?

Marc Allum is married to Lisa Lloyd, and the couple resides in a captivating home adorned with an impressive array of antiques spanning various eras.

Lisa boasts a remarkable 30-year career in the realm of antiques.

Likewise, with a background as an auctioneer and a 16-year stint as the director of Rosebery’s in south London, she has cultivated a diverse and extensive expertise as a generalist in the field.

Among her personal preferences, Lisa has a deep affinity for textiles, jewelry, Grand Tour souvenirs, and ceramics.

Beyond her involvement with the Antiques Roadshow, Lisa harbors a genuine passion for interior design.

Moreover, she has undertaken notable personal projects, including the restoration of a 17th-century Chateau in France, the refurbishment of a Regency townhouse, and the meticulous restoration of a 15th-century rectory.

Marc Allum and his wife, Lisa Lloyd, have enjoyed successful careers and their relationship is marked by mutual solid support and encouragement.

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