Anthony Rota wife

Anthony Rota wife has always been Anthony’s leading source of support and love for his political career.

Anthony Rota is a Canadian politician who has served as the speaker of the House of Commons of Canada since 2019.

Rota was born on 15 May 1961 in North Bay, Ontario. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Wilfrid Laurier University. He also received a diploma in finance from Algonquin College.

Furthermore, Rota earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Ottawa. He is a Liberal party member and serves as a Member of Parliament for Nipissing-Timiskaming.

Anthony Rota also served as a Chairman of the COVID-19 Committee in 2020. Apart from his political career, he also serves as a regional manager of the Industrial Research Assistance Program for Ontario.

Bedied his career, let’s talk about Rota’s personal life, Anthony Rota wife, kids and family.

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Who Is Anthony Rota Wife Chantal Piché-Rota?

Anthony Rota shares a beautiful married life with his partner, Chantal Piché-Rota. As per the source, Chantal is a French Canadian.

Chantal parents are Franco-Ontarian, and she is proud of his French heritage and culture.

Anthony Rota wife
Anthony Rota with his wife Chantal Piché-Rota and daughter Samantha. (Source: Instagram)

It seems Chantal has not revealed much about herself. She has disclosed the information related to her education and parents.

However, Chantal is often seen with her husband, Anthony, at different events. She was always present with his husband during the electoral process.

Chantal usually presents with her daughter and husband at seminars and national events. She also joins her husband in the celebration of Pride Month.

Moreover, Chantal is equally supportive and helps Anthony develop and prosper in Ontario, Canada.

Anthony Rota And Chantal Piché-Rota Relationship Details

Anthony Rota has a close relationship with his wife, Chantal Piché-Rota and her family.

However, Anthony has not revealed much about his married life in public. So, it is unknown when Anthony and Chantal first met, dated and tied their wedding knot.

But considering their present relationship, the pair share a close bond. Chantal is often seen with her husband in political events, supporting her husband.

Anthony often shares his family picture with his wife and daughter, celebrating special days like New Year and Thanksgiving.

Though the pair have not spoken much about their relationship publicly, we can see their connections and support for each other.

Especially Chantal, as she was always present with her husband during his electoral days, promoting and supporting Anthony in the election.

According to The US Sun, Anthony Rota resides with his family in the Nipissing-Timiskaming region of Ontario.

Anthony Rota Kids

According to the source, Anthony Rota has a daughter named Samantha. She was born in China. She is often spotted with his parents in public.

Samantha is a university graduate. Anthony mentioned his daughter and wife in the speeches, thanking them for their continuous support and love.

Anthony Rota wife
Anthony Rota has a daughter, Samantha. (Source: Instagram)

As per the source, Samantha seems to be interested in sports. In 2015, she was in a Nipissing Varsity Women’s Basketball team.

Anthony often shares sweet photographs with his daughter Samantha and wife Chantal, enjoying precious vacation and holiday times with family.

Overall, Anthony Rota is an incredible person who has contributed much to people and the country. Many people love and support his works.

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