Anthony Ramos Controversy

Anthony Ramos Controversy has caught the attention of people becoming one of the hot topics on the Internet platform desiring to know about it. 

Anthony Ramos is an American actor who has been active in the showbiz industry since 2014. 

Within eight years in the entertainment sector, he has starred in twenty-six projects including television shows and movies. 

Ramos getting recognition from the movie Honest Thief, he has provided notable acting credits like A Star is Born, Hamilton, and In the Heights. 

On the other hand, Jasmine Cephas Jones is an Amercan-British actress active in the entertainment industry.

Moreover, Jones gained wide prominence for her acting performance as Tyish in the television series #FreeRayshawn. 

Some of her notable acting attributes include Mrs. Flectcher, Monsters and Men, and Blidspotting contributing to the entertainment industry. 

This particular article will cover the topic of the Anthony Ramos Controversy and scroll to learn about it. 

Anthony Ramos Controversy: An Overview

Anthony Ramos Controversy topic got the heat after the boost of the social networking sites in a negative way. 

The Anthony Ramos Controversy was about him cheating with his partner Jasmine Cephas Jones. 

The allegations are based on a viral TikTok video showing a man resembling Ramos getting close to another woman at a strip club.

The video, which was shared by several TikTok users, shows the man sitting next to a woman while she dances on him.

Anthony Ramos Controversy
Anthony Ramos faced the controversy of cheating on Jasmine Jones. (Source: Us Weekly)

The video quickly went viral on social media, leading to accusations of infidelity against Ramos.

Neither Ramos nor Jones made an official statement regarding the video and the allegations during that time. 

However, the story was only a gossip topic for people as this Anthony Ramos Controversy topic vanished with time. 

Overall, the allegations of infidelity against Anthony Ramos based on a viral TikTok video caused a stir on social media.

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What Happened Between Anthony Ramos and His Partner Jasmine Jones?

The pair Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Jones were in a long-term relationship starting from 2015. 

They had their first introduction while working on the hit Broadway musical Hamilton.

After three years of dating, they have their engagement ceremony in 2018 making Jones his fiance.

Anthony Ramos Controversy
Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Jones were together before their breakup in 2021. (Source: Distracify)

They were public during their relationship sharing each other pictures on their social handle. 

However, Ramos faced controversy and soon after it, they had their split ending their six years long-term relationship. 

The breakup between Jones and Ramos ended their engagement and all this happened in 2021.

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What About The Net Worth Of Anthony Ramos? 

Anthony Ramos has made an admirable net worth of $3 million per the information of STYLECASTER.

It’s obvious he has added this hefty money from his successful acting career in the entertainment industry.

Looking through The New York Times, Ramos can make a minimum of $1,900 per week which amounts to $116,300 annually. 

Ramos may have earned money working for the movie Hamilton playing the role of John Laurens.

Anthony Ramos Controversy
Anthony Ramos was present during the New York Mets baseball match. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Anthony has added money working as a voice actor working in the showbiz industry. 

Some of his voice acting credits include Fables, The Bad Guys, and Trolls Holiday in Harmony. 

In addition, Ramos has Transformers: Rise of the Beast with three other upcoming projects from which he may have added money. 

Overall, Anthony Ramos has made a fortune from his successful acting career and is sure to add more money to his net worth in the upcoming days. 

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