Amy Bruni: Career, Husband, Kid & Net Worth

Paranormal activities can freak any individual, especially ladies.

But there are some Braveheart who tend to enjoy indulging in horror.

Yes, we are talking about Amy Bruni, the horror queen.

Amy is one of those rare Hollywood celebrities known as the horror queen, with most of her work related to paranormal activities.

Rather than loving horror, there is more to her to be understood. Be with us till the very end.

Amy Bruni net worth
Amy Bruni

But first, some quick facts are the accurate need for time.

Amy Bruni: Quick Facts

Full Name Amy Bruni
Date of Birth 1976/07 /10
Nickname Amy
Gender Female
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Sacramento, USA
Ethnicity White
Parents Unknown
Age 46 Years Old
Profession Actress, Investigator
Nationality American
Height 5’6″
Weight 60 Kg
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Kid 1
Net Worth $800k
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Update December 2022

Who Is Amy Bruni?

Amy Bruni is an American actress and producer who rose to fame from her work in Ghost Hunters not only that, she is known for hosting the TV show Kindred Spirits.

Age and Parents

Amy Bruni was born on 10th July 1976 in Sacramento, USA. The name of Bruni’s parents is not known to the general media.

Not only the parent’s name but anything on the siblings is also a far cry.

Amy is pretty secretive about her personal life information, which is quite a surprise.

Amy is 46 Years Oldas of now. Bruni holds American nationality along with white ethnicity.

The zodiac sign as born in July falls under Cancer, suggesting the fact that she is secretive and mysterious. Well, one can hardly doubt these traits.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Bruni is into her late 40’s, but her looks and dedication towards her work are never getting low, which is pretty commendable.

She stands at the height of 5’6” and weighs 60 kgs.

She has a pretty decent height but has done every bit possible to maintain a fit body.

Amy might always be smiling and cheerful in front of the camera, but she is pretty secretive about her vital body statistics too.

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Bruni loves to play information close to the chest but is always cheerful in front of the camera.

Her good looks are highlighted by blue eyes and red hair for sure. Anything on the shoe and dress size will be a pleasure to update.

Early Days and Education

Bruni was born in Sacramento but moved to Alameda at a very young age.

The lack of the name of her parents makes it hard to tell how her needs were fulfilled, but there is a fair share of information on her childhood.

When Bruni was six years old, she had her first encounter with the ghost in the house they lived in.

Bruni explains the house was haunted, and she saw a soldier in the house.

Amy and her father teamed up and started to investigate the horror and also became the paranormal investigator.

The exciting thing is that her family allowed her to carry such a critical topic as a career.

In the case of educational background, though, nothing accurate is known. Looking at the career beheld, we feel that she is pretty qualified in the same field to carry out research as well.

If anything on the institute pops out, readers will be made aware.


Amy was very keen on paranormal activities, and as her age grew, she would read anything that would come her way related to horror and ghost.

This went on to become a habit.

Sources claim that her first professional job was based in the health insurance industry. She worked there for a couple of years before setting in for the paranormal investigation works.

It was the association with The Atlantic paranormal society that changed her career in 2008.

This allowed Amy to appear in the show Ghost Hunters and precisely in six seasons.

Not only appearing as an actress, but this squad started Beyond Reality Radio that was produced by Bruni.

It was later in 2016 when the diva thought of making some significance in the field of paranormal activities and started Kindred Spirits.

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Other Ventures

Besides the ones mentioned above, the fearless woman has appeared in other shows of the same genres.

Some of them are Paranormal Lockdown, Expedition Unknown, Point Society, and many more.

It might be a fearful thing for ordinary people to work on paranormal incidents, but Amy has grown and excelled in the same field with ease.

Other than acting and producing she has published her own written book called “Life with the Afterlife” in 2019.

This got really huge spotlight among the readers and was a tremendous hit as well.

In the future, too, more of her work in the same area is bound to appear, and readers will be made aware for sure.

Who Is Amy Bruni Husband?

What do you think? Who would marry a woman that loves to spend time in between ghost and also enjoys investigating about them?

It might sound scary to many and daredevil to some.

Amy loves to keep her work and family in two separate diaphragms of life, but one thing is sure she is not married.

Yes, Amy cleared the air on this topic pretty early, but one thing is convinced she isn’t single.

Amy Bruni daughter
Amy Bruni with her daughter Charlton

Amy is in a romantic relationship with a man named Jimmy. Not only the link, but they share a daughter named Charlton born in 2012.

It has been almost a decade since the pair are together, but nothing on either marriage or engagement is known.

Other than Jimmy, there never has been a man in her life as she loved her work more than anything.

Even after sharing the daughter, this couple hasn’t married or engaged, which is pretty surprising at times.

We hope some good news is right around the corner.

Net Worth: Income and Salary

Being far away from the family and chasing spirits, most of the time, can be tiring and demanding without a doubt.

Some enjoy it earn fame and fortune along the way. Amy also falls under the same category.

As of 2022, Bruni owns a net worth of $800k. All of this is the result of the investigating and acting works based upon a ghost.

In her free time, though she is fond of spending time with her family.

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Not only that she loves to travel to places that are haunted and can be the topic of study for her, with all the information on the net worth and lifestyle, but the accuracy of the annual income and assets owned is also a blip.

Whatever might be the case, she is undoubtedly living a lavish lifestyle.

Internet Fame

Will you follow a lady who loves to travel around investigating ghosts and telling you stories of them on social.

Some might love to be part of the fan supporting while others might not.

As a result, Amy has commendable followers on social media.

Instagram255k followers

Twitter237.2k followers


Does Amy have second child?

She was supposed to be expecting her second kid in 2017, but she is not.She is not the mother of a second child.

What are her hobbies?

In free time, Amy likes to spend time with her daughter. She loves her daughter so much. She is often seen enjoying her holidays with her daughter.

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