Can you imagine girls taking up the mechanical instrument and fixing up the cars, upgrading it, and making it work like never before? Well, at times, this might seem to be a bit of not so acceptable fact. But one show in the entertainment industry has taken up the responsibility to show what girls are capable of. All Girls Garage cast are up to the challenge of fixing the issues.

All Girls Garage Location
All Girls Garage

Yes, All Girls Garage is the show that demonstrates the fact how three girls take up the responsibility to fix the vehicles inside the shop and getting the hands in the rugs.  It might seem physically draining for the readers, but inevitably the girl’s squad tends to enjoy the work. There is undoubtedly more to them than just fixing up the cars and making the bucks. With all the information on the crew, this article is something promising.

How did it all start?

It might be a significant query for how girls come up to mend cars and make their hands dirty. Well, this might be the question of lots of people about when all of this started. For all the curious audiences, we would tell you all that the series started way back on March 3, 2012.

This series is streamed in Velocity Network coordinates and has received pretty good reviews all along the way. With every new year, the show was gaining heights.


All Girls Garage is a show that’s notably filmed in a shop based in Central Florida. Most of the workers that generally form the cast owes all the skills that are required to fix and upgrade the bikes and vehicles.

The girls tend to grow with each season, and the skills are also on a high. With eight years of embarkment, the show has done well both in presentation and also the skill set required to attract a considerable amount of fans.

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Sarah Bogi Lateiner, Cristy Lee, and Jessi Combs form the cast of the popular show. However, Jessi left the show in the year 2014, and Rachel De Barros joined the crew.  One of the main reasons for Jessi’s departure was the fact that she wanted to tinker with her new career and experiment well with it. This show is the pinnacle that boys are not the only ones who can work the hard yards holding the heavy instruments.

All Girls Garage Cast

Sarah Bogi Lateiner

Sarah Bogi Lateiner is one of the principal cast of the show All Girls Garage. She is an American automobile mechanic and also the owner of a small business. This mechanic was born on December 15, 1977, in Flushing.

For Sarah’s educational background, she attended Oberlin College to study law and was a pretty decent student. But lately, the thoughts changed, and she was part of the automobile department and doing pretty well in it.

All Girls Garage Cast
Sarah Bogi Lateiner

Sarah is a pretty experienced individual working for BMW as a certified mechanic for almost six years and being the only female mechanic. Being a part of All Girls Garage cast gave her media attention as well.

Net Worth

It’s been a long time since Lateiner has been working in the field of automobiles. Be it the BMW company or running the own repair shop with pretty success. As of 2020, the net worth of Bogi is termed to be $5 million.

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All of this is the result of dedication in the field of the automobile after overlooking the law sector. We feel the increasing success of the show will add up to the net worth surely.

Cristy Lee

Cristy Lee was born on October 21, 1977, in Florida. Most of her childhood was spent in Daytona Beach. This 5’2″ lady was pretty crazy from an early age about the sports car and had the enthusiasm to mend cars and vehicles for good.

The influence of being in All Girls Garage cast came from a very early age and also the father’s job that was of the mechanic. Most readers might not know, but she is a well-trained dancer but later moved to host for radio.

All Girl Garage cast
Cristy Lee

After the proper search of opportunities, All Girls Garage struck her way, and there she was hosting the show, which hit the market in March 2012.

Net Worth

Cristy Lee is one of the highly experienced and also hardworking lady who has been around the blocks for an extended period. Be it as a dancer, teacher, or host. Lee’s net worth as of 2020 accounts for $13 million.

All of this is the result of being the dancer and mainly the host. Some of the famous hosting works performed by Cristy are for Chrysler/Dodge. Jeep and also motor crossing events.

Rachel De Barros

In 1978 a beautiful lady with the brain of a computer and the guts of a fighter was born, whom we all know as Rachel De Barros. Most of her childhood was basically in Washington, D.C. The feel to change the good to best for vehicles came from her father and uncle.

All Girl Garage
Rachel De Barros

Rachel is an official maker, head promoting officer, and host for Gearhead Diva, a building community. After the departure of Jessi in 2014, Rachel found the perfect spot to improve the skill and get a bit of fame, and in came to the All Girls Garage cast information for all the fans to know.

Net Worth

Rachel was always enthralled by the looks of how to take good care of a vehicle, and well, this turned out to be the interest made in heaven. She has been part of some good companies and the father’s guidance to break the stereotyping of mechanics. As of 2020, the net worth of De Barros is termed to be $1.5 million.

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All of this is the result of her hard work in the field of mechanics and also being a part of the show. The skillset was always present, but All Girls Garage gave her the fame required.

Rachel De Barros Leaving All Girls Garage

Viewers of the show All Girls Garage might be familiar with how the show works. MotorTrend has taken the initiative to try out new faces in the show and liven up the environment.

In this quest, Rachel left the show. Yes, you heard us right Rachel shared this information through a Facebook post on April 6, 2019, and shared her sadness about not returning to the show. In this post, the diva showed her gratitude to all the fans and followers. In addition to it, Barros shared the fact that a new show will feature her shortly.

All Girls Garage F150

Viewers might know All Girls Garage as the show that highly focuses on making good money by hard work, but there is more to it. Not only earning, but the cast of this show believes that giving back to society is also the central theme of the program.

Recently the girls teamed up with AutoNation along with the man Ryan Hunter Reay. This teaming up is so fruitful that they are making an F-150, which ultimately will be auctioned.


All Girls Garage autonotion
AutoNation F-150

One of the main reasons for the Auction is to raise money to support the #DrivePink campaign focused upon benefitting cancer treatment and research of the affected ones. This good work surely will increase the fame and long term worth of the squad.

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