Al Murray The Pub Landlord

 Al Murray is an award-winning British comedian, actor and television personality who is well-versed in political satire and is best known for his comedic character “The Pub Landlord.” 

Alastair James Hay Murray, also known as Al Murray (born 10th May 1968), is a successful English comedian and a flawless performer who has gained fame and success through his work in the entertainment industry.

Murray is a top-tier comedian who has won several titles and awards. He has also been voted the greatest stand-up comic several times.

Alastair is well-versed in political satire, character comedy and parody. He likes to include current affairs and British culture in his performances. 

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Murray found his passion in comedy when he first won an award in high school for a performance in which he took part in a joke. 

The comedian, actor, writer and performer Murray is well known for his work as “The Pub Landlord.” 

Some of his notable works include “Al Murray’s Happy Hour,” “Fact Hunt” and “Road To Berlin.”

Al Murray Comedian
Al Murray The Pub Landlord (Source: history)

Al Murray: Quick facts

Full Name Alastair James Hay Murray
Nickname Al Murray
Date of Birth 10th May 1968
Birthplace Buckinghamshire, England
Horoscope Taurus
Age 54
Father Ingram Bernard Hay Murray
Mother Juliet Anne Thackeray
Marital Status Divorced
Wives Katherine Perry (divorced)

Amber Hargreaves (separated)

Girlfriend Eleanor Relf
Kids 3
Nationality British
Height 6ft. 3in. (190.5cm)
Weight 72 Kg (159 lbs)
Net Worth $5 Million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
Last Updated December 2022

Al Murray Wife 2022: Who Is He Married To?

More information about the current Al Murray wife and the couple’s personal life needs to be available on the internet.

The comedian is in a romantic relationship with his journalist partner Eleanor Relf. He is not married to her, although they have an adorable daughter.

The soon-to-be 5-year-old Daisy was born on January 2018. The couple has not released any photos or pictures of their daughter on the internet.

Relf and Murray have not shared any information regarding their personal life. However, the couple has a daughter of 5, which implies that they must be in a relationship for at least five years.

Al Murray’s partner Eleanor Relf is a television journalist who writes articles for several magazines. 

Even though they are not married, the couple is in a happy relationship and shares a daughter named Daisy.

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Who Are The Ex-Wives Of Al Murray?

The 54-year-old comedian has been married twice in the past.

The first wife of Murry was Katherine Perry. The couple was together for just 5 years, and due to their disagreements, they divorced in 2000. They do not have any children together.

Murry married his second wife, Amber Hargreaves, just after two years of his divorce from Perry. 

Al Murray And Ex-Wife Amber Hargreaves
Al Murray And Ex-Wife Amber Hargreaves (Source: Telegraph)

Though Hargreaves and Murray share two daughters, Scarlet and Willow, whom they love and adore very much.

His second marriage also did not last long; after being together for 6 years, the couple decided to get separated.

Al Murray Kids

Al Murray has 3 children, all his biological daughters from two mothers.

His two daughters, Scarlet and Willow, are from his second marriage with Amber Hargreaves.

On the other hand, his youngest daughter, Daisy, is from his current partner and lover, Eleanor Relf.

Scarlet is the eldest daughter, who, as of 2022, is 23-year-old and Willow, his second daughter, is 19. 

Scarlet is a mother herself, while Willow has decided to pursue her dream as a singer and musician.

The youngest daughter, Daisy, is soon to be 5, and more information is needed about her on the Internet.

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Internet Fame

After Murray introduced his alter ego, The Pub Landlord his fame skyrocketed, and as of December 2022, his fan following goes like this,

Instagram – 30.1K followers

Twitter – 433K followers

Youtube – 118K subscribers

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