Agnes Lassalle

Agnes Lassalle was stabbed to death in front of her students by a 16-year-old student, horrifying the local community.

According to the regional prosecutor, a young student stabbed a teacher to death during a session at a school in southwest France on Wednesday.

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Agnes Lassalle, 52, a Spanish-language teacher at a school in the French beach town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, was cruelly stabbed to death in front of her children on February 22, 2023. During the incident, the Student claimed to be possessed and heard voices.

Who Was Agnes Lassalle? French Teacher Stabbed To Death By 16-Year-Old Student.

Agnes Lassalle was a well-liked teacher who had been at the school for several years. When the incident occurred, she was teaching a class. 

The tragedy horrified the local community and the country, reigniting concerns about school safety and student mental health care.

Agnes Lassalle
French Teacher Stabbed To Death By 16-Year-Old Student. (source: Lemonde)

According to the prosecution, the victim, Agnes Lassalle, 52, was teaching a Spanish session at the school in the beach town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz when the 16-year-old assaulted her with a knife.

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“I didn’t see him get up, but I saw him in front of the instructor,” said student Ines, 16. “He was calm. He approached her and thrust a large knife into her chest without saying anything.

If you want to know more, go here. He said that the student had been apprehended, and a murder inquiry had been launched.

The wording of this sentence has been changed to protect our readers’ privacy. “We’re simply in Spanish class together. But there had never been an issue between him and the teacher in class, “She stated.

Saint-Thomas d’Aquin is a private and Catholic-based establishment near the town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, which is one of France’s most popular summer resorts on the sandy Basque area coast.

After being restricted to their classrooms for around two hours following the stabbing, students gradually exited the premises by midday. 

An AFP correspondent reported that nervous parents were waiting for them, but only those parents of the class where the stabbing happened were permitted to enter the school.

Where Is The 16-Year-Old Student Now? Arrest And Charges

Although the investigation into the incident is ongoing, preliminary reports indicate that the student had no history of violence or disciplinary concerns. 

The inquiry will look at the attacker’s psychological condition and motivations. There has been no information revealed about his background.

Agnes Lassalle
Saint-Jean-de-Luz School After The Incident (source: Ndtv)

Such attacks on schools are uncommon in France, but there are rising concerns about teachers’ safety. 

The incident in Saint-Jean-de-Luz is the first death of a teacher in France since an Islamic fanatic beheaded Samuel Paty near Paris in October 2020. In July 2014, the mother of a student stabbed to death a 34-year-old teacher in the southern town of Albi.

The culprit was eventually determined to be legally irresponsible. In 2012, an Islamic shooter named Mohamed Merah targeted a Jewish school in Toulouse, killing a teacher and three students.

Agnes Lassalle’s death has tremendously impacted her pupils, coworkers, and loved ones. She will be regarded as a dedicated educator who sincerely cares about her students’ education.

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