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There are many documentaries in the world. That is sure. But this documentary series, “90 Day Fiance” of Nicole and Azan, is the series that follows the lives of people or couple who have applied for or received a K-1 visa. K-1 visa grants the fiance or fiancee of the United States citizen the permission to enter the United States legally.

However, if they do not marry within 90 days of entering the States, they will have to depart the country.

It is an exciting series that reveals people’s true nature, whether they truly love their foreign half or are just in it to enter the country.

This show reveals what kind of feats people can take once their greed takes over them.

90 Day Fiance
90 Day Fiance

Many people have come to the US through a K-1 visa, and their true nature is revealed later. It must also be noted that some people are really good at hiding it.

90 Day Fiance also has spin-offs to find out about those people’s lives after they have married. The show broadcasted on TLC and started on January 12, 2014. We will discuss its spin-offs below.

This series has a total of six seasons, excluding the spin-offs. In this article today, we will be discussing the famous couple from the fourth season, Nicole and Azan.

90 Day Fiance Couple Nicole And Azan

The show’s fourth season reveals the love between ‘Nicole’ and ‘Azan.’ They two met via an online dating application. Nicole Nafziger is from Florida, and Azan is from Morocco. Nicole falls in love with him.

Love does not get bound by a country’s border. So, she decides to visit him in Morocco. Therefore, she leaves her infant daughter in the care of her younger sister and leaves on a Morocco trip.

nicole and azan
Nicole and Azan

She did that against her parents’ wish. When they first meet at the airport, maybe it was not the exact meeting as Nicole had hoped as Azan obviously commented about her body.

But, Azan reveals that he was only joking, and he was truly happy to meet her personally. Likewise, Nicole was also very excited to meet him.

During her stay in Morocco, she becomes very happy and calls Azan her ‘Arabian Prince’.

What To Do When You Are From Different Cultural Backgrounds?

Cultures in different countries are very different. They two are from different cultural backgrounds. While Nicole is from a liberal culture, Azan is from a strict cultural background.

When Nicole brings the topic of physical intimacy, he reminds her of his culture. He tells her that in his religion, s*x before marriage is prohibited. Nicole finds it very difficult to accept this truth.

However, she has no option other than to accept it. So instead, she tries to kiss and hug Azan. This behavior irritates Azan.

As Nicole is from an American background, she feels avoided and questions their relationship status.

Nicole and Azan
Nicole and Azan

However, time passes by, and Azan takes Nicole to introduce her to his family. Azan’s family warmly welcome her. This is a good thing as there is no restriction from his side of the family. But, after some time, Nicole confesses something to Azan. She admitted that she cheated on Azan.

But, Azan forgives her. He knows that he loves her and wants to marry her. So, to propose to her, he takes her to the desert and proposes there.

She gladly accepts. But leaving aside marriage, there is a matter of cultural difference between them.

Azan doesn’t want himself to be converted to Christianity, and Nicole also denies turning herself to Islam. She doesn’t like the traditions of the Islamic community. This creates a lot of trouble for them.

As a result, this incident delays their wedding. Also, Nicole could not fund the government sponsorship requirements for Azan’s staying in the U.S.

They are in love, but both are unsure about their future together due to different obstacles down their path. However, in 2017, Nicole’s father agreed to sponsor Azan.

Nicole And Azan Split Rumors

The internet was taken over by the split rumors of Nicole and Azan. Fans started speculating about it after they noticed a small change or update on her Instagram account.

For some period, fans had trouble accessing her Instagram profile. It was temporarily deactivated. When it indeed came back up, her profile’s description did not have the word ‘fiance‘ anymore. However, she mentioned that she was not even aware of her account deactivation.

Nicole's Instagram Profile
Nicole’s Instagram Profile

In the past, she was very excited to share her relationship status with her fans, but she kept everything quiet for now. So, this turn of events led fans to think that the two were indeed separated.

However, some claimed that they have married and will join the spinoff series “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.

Nicole And Azan Forever

Nicole’s Instagram Update put all the internet rumors regarding their split up to rest. She proudly flaunted her engagement ring on Instagram, revealing everything is alright between the two with a caption,

Always and forever

Nicole Nafziger Engagement Ring
Nicole Nafziger Engagement Ring

Nicole And Azan (What Next?)

There have been many reports that Nicole is planning to travel to Morocco and stay there with Azan. She is ready to leave her life in the USA for her love.

Reportedly, she has everything planned and is considering sending her daughter to school there and get herself a job in teaching.

What do you think will happen in their relationship? What are your views regarding the couple from this show? Please, let us know down in the comment section below.

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